18 Places To Get Moving Boxes In Toronto

They say the three hardest things in life are a death, a birth, and a move. If you haven’t started your apartment search, here’s a place to start.

A move is the easiest one to mitigate though especially if you have the right tools! There’s even an app (or four!) for that. And what is the cornerstone of making moving as easy as possible? Boxes of course! The only issue being is that sometimes they are hard to come by. Well look no further than this list we have got you covered.

Where To Find Free Moving Boxes In Toronto?

1.  The liquor store! Just go to your local liquor store and ask them for some boxes. All of their products comes in big sturdy boxes and they want to get rid of it, so don’t be shy!


2. Visit Kijiji or Craigslist and search for free boxes. People want to get rid of their used moving boxes but don’t want to be wasteful, so this is a place where a lot of people will go to post theirs. A quick search will show a lot of ‘I just moved and want to get rid of these boxes! Take them!’


3. This is a lesser known option to a lot of people! Pet food stores like Pet Value and Global Pet Foods all have a lot of big boxes for the same reason that the liquor stuff does. These boxes are big and sturdy because of the weight of the products they deliver. Go in and ask nicely and they will be happy to pawn them off on you.


4. Didn’t get as many boxes as you would have liked from the liquor store or pet food store? Visit a book store and ask them, they are another great resource for free boxes.

5. Finally, there is a Facebook group called Bunz Trading Zone that is an amazing resource.

You can post in the group you are looking for free boxes and it will connect with hundreds of people around the city. Some of whom have got to have boxes! Of course, you are supposed to trade something but it can be anything you have already! More often then not though, people just want to get the boxes out of their house and keep them from taking up room.

young couple surrounded by moving boxes while holding ceramic bowls

Wish moving day made us this happy.

Where to buy Moving boxes in Toronto?

6. The Box Spot is located uptown at 542 Mt. Pleasant Road which is convenient for anyone living around Yonge and Eglinton.


7. At All Canadian Self Storage you can rent your moving truck, rent your storage, and they have cheap moving boxes for sale with great reviews!


8. Boxed Inn is great for anyone living in Etobicoke. Located at 1268 Queensway they will take care of all your moving needs.


9. The Box Guys are located in Leslieville and have all the supplies you need for your move.


10. Bee & Jay Carton Company offers both new and used boxes. The latter option offering a nice price break. Their website makes the claim that they always have at least 200 used boxes on the site at any time!

Woman unpacking glass from cardboard moving box

No broken glasses? A true relief.

Where to get moving boxes in Downtown Toronto?

11. We Move GTA is located at 1 Yonge Street and they provide delivery services as well as moving supplies. And while you’re at it, hire some movers too!

12. There are a number of U-Haul locations downtown Toronto including one near Sherbourne station.


13. Rotblott’s Discount Warehouse is located at 443 Adelaide Street West and provides so much more than just boxes! It also has cleaning supplies, tools, and even pet supplies.


14. Cabbagetown Moving Supplies is perfectly located for the downtown mover. It provides you with everything you need to make a move go as smoothly as possible.


15. If you are in a pinch for some boxes, look up your local UPS store online and you can buy boxes and bubble wrap there!


Young male movers carrying sofa outside truck on street surrounded by boxes

Alternative to professional movers: pizza and beer for your siblings and friends.

Ross from Friends yells to 'pivot' while carrying a couch

Don’t forget to give them helpful instructions too.

Cardboard Moving Box Alternatives

16. City boxes offers plastic moving boxes for rent which is a great resource for someone that doesn’t want to deal with a load of boxes when they are done moving, but also want a more sustainable option. Cityboxes delivers plastic moving bins to your home and then picks them up when you are done! Super easy.


17. The Movers Choice is similar to Cityboxes, but instead of them dropping off and picking up the plastic moving boxes you pick them up and drop them off after you’re move. They also offer a bunch of other useful equipment like dollys and bin dollys!


18. Express Vaults will deliver a storage container to your home that you can then load up. The vaults are strong and weather resistant. After you pack up your vault you can choose to move it yourself or have the company move it for you! You make your own timeline of when you want what to happen. Pretty simple!

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