4 reasons to totally rock that rocking chair

Rocking chair? Seems like something only a granny would have in their house, right? Well, think again! Rocking chairs are coming back because they’re comfy and they really add that vintage look to your place, giving it all the charm you’d ever want! Here are some reasons you might want to ditch your loveseat and score yourself a nice old rocker.

  1. They’re really comfortable

There’s nothing quite like rocking in a rocking chair while you read your favourite book, watch Netflix or just chill with friends. It’s like they’re guaranteed to relax you, no matter what – there’s a reason babies loved to be rocked and it’s the same reason we like them too.

  1. Vintage is in

Way more than it ever has been, the vintage craze is here to stay for some time. It seems like almost every second storefront when you walk down a street is a vintage one, and they all sell a variety of vintage items (clothes, furniture, books, etc). Having a classic rocker in your house will definitely fit in with that vintage look you’re going for, and really class up your home. Rocking chairs have that definitive look that really will add vintage flair to your living space.

  1. But there are modern versions too!

Not a huge fan of the vintage look? There are still countless other, modern designs for rocking chairs! From Ikea’s POÄNG to a chair that looks like a leaf, designers around the world have latched on to the concept of rockers and have gone hog wild trying to reinvent this fantastic concept. Who wouldn’t want that leaf chair in their place?

  1. They’re really reasonably priced

Of course, like anything, the sky’s the limit and there are most definitely rocking chairs out there for thousands of dollars, but that doesn’t mean the basic concept is expensive. Not only are there many designs that are reasonably priced (like the Ikea chair above), but there are countless rocking chairs being sold at flea markets, on craigslist and elsewhere that you can get for an absolute steal.

So consider this blast from the past to decorate your home with, and sit and relax like all the countless people from yesteryear! Sometimes the past really does have great ideas and filling your home with great ideas will only make you happy.

Erin Cardone

Born on the Prairies, Erin Cardone grew up knowing there was more to life than canola fields and AAA Alberta Angus. So she escaped, living in Europe and Australia, white-knuckling it through plates of calf brains and raw horse meat, and learning languages she can't remember anymore. After a stint as a jaded, skeptical journalist, she changed tack and began writing rather awesome blogs and showing businesses that advertising is dead, so long live social media, with her businesses Legendary Social Media. She now splits her time between various Canadian cities, Costa Rica and wherever else the wind blows.

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