Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: A different kind of advent calendar as a DIY Christmas gift

Traditional advent calendars with chocolate are cool enough, and we’re all for the beer advent calendars, as well as the wine variety. But the we discovered this awesome DIY advent calendar idea that uses Ikea jars to create an array of gifts that are perfect for so many people on your gift list, especially those who are hard to shop for!

 The parts.

You’ll need a variety of sizes of jars. Remember that each advent calendar has 25 days, so for each person, you’ll need 25 jars in various sizes.

  • Korken large jar with lid – $3.99 each
  • Korken medium jar with lid – $2.99 each
  • Korken short jar with lid – $1.99 each
  • Korken tiny jar with lid – $3.99/3 pack
  • Rajtan spice jar – $3.99/4 pack
  • Vardagen jar with glass lid – $6.99 each
  • Droppar jar with lid – $3.99 each
  • Hang tags for each jar, try these – $1.00 each
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Something to put in each jar

Do it.

First, order your hang tags. On one side of each tag, put the number, which coincides with the day (1-25). On the other side, write what’s inside the jar – or leave it blank so it’s a surprise! Next, paint all your jars. Paint the inside and outside, as well as the lids, then let dry.

Finally, fill the jars. Great ideas include a candle, chocolate, whiskey/scotch, cookie mix, trinkets, a Santa hat, or anything else you can think of!

Source: Livet Hemma

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