Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: An indoor herb garden for the Toronto winter

It’s starting to get cold in Toronto and by now, like mine, any herbs you may have been growing on the balcony are pretty much toast for the year. Growing herbs indoors for the winter is great for cooking, but also keeps your rental looking fresh and homey even when it’s grey outside. Today’s Ikea hack is a space-saving and super cost-effective way to grow herbs inside your kitchen.

  1. The parts. You’ll need
  1. Do it. Attach the wine rack to the wall horizontally in a convenient spot in your kitchen, or as close to it as possible. You likely won’t need wall anchors if you make use of all four spots for screws. Use four glasses and place the styrofoam or rocks in the bottom, then fill to 3/4 with potting soil. Plant the seeds or seedlings according to instructions on the packet, then top with potting soil. Place the glasses into the slots for wine bottles – the wider mouths should prevent the glasses from falling through, but if the glasses you use are too narrow, use a piece of flat wood, such as palletboard, as a base for the glasses. Slide it inside the wine rack so the glasses sit on top of the wood. Ta-dah!
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