Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: Ditch aches and pains with a cheap standing desk

Some say that sitting for long periods, day in and day out, leads to cancer and cardiovascular problems. Try telling that to your profs or your boss.

The solution is a standing desk, but we all know that they’re still in the trendy phase, and run us over $1,000 – and that’s on the cheap end.

So here’s how to make your own for your Toronto apartment, so you can have better health! Check out the original blog, which outlines the perfect height for your custom standing desk.


1. The parts. You’ll need:

2. Do it.

Build and place the Lack side table on top of your existing desk. You may want to screw it into place so it’s secure. Place your monitor on top of the side table, and adjust the height using a book so that it’s perfect.

Next, attach the keyboard tray. Measure and mark where it will rest on the legs of the Lack side table, then install the brackets in the perfect location. You could use a stack of paper to get the brackets to sit in the right position before attaching them. Consider using twist ties to hold the brackets in place while you adjust the height. Then place the shelf on the brackets.

Source: Colin Nederkoorn

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