Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: Make a sleek, metallic, retro bathroom vanity with a salad bowl

Today’s Ikea hack is mind-blowing! Seriously, you can make a gorgeously sleek, mid-century inspired bathroom vanity using Ikea pieces, including a salad bowl. It looks unreal.

Full disclosure, this hack isn’t for DIY beginners. There’s a fair bit of drilling and heavy-duty work involved to make this happen, but when you do, it’s worth it. You can transform an ugly Rast chest into a work of art!

  1. The parts. You’ll need
  1. Do it. Cut a hole into the bottom of the bowl that will fit the plumbing fixture for the drain. Then, attach the drain fixture inside the hole. Next, drill a hole into the top of the vanity, large enough to fit the plumbing pipes, and in the location where you want the sink to be installed. Also, make a hole to fit the faucet – make sure that when the water comes out, it will spill into the sink/bowl properly. Next, measure out how far the plumbing below the sink and faucet will descend – cut out the back of the top drawer to accommodate this.

Sand and prime the entire chest of drawers, then paint the entire unit. When dry, cover the whole unit with a coat of shiny lacquer for that vintage look. Now, attach the handles and the feet and finalize the plumbing underneath the top of the vanity!

The blogger who originally did this post also had the chest unit extended to make shelves for storing towels, which you could do, as well.

Source: Berger Porta

Erin Cardone

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