Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: Reclaimed wood sideboard with storage

When it comes to apartment living, we all know that one of the major challenges is finding storage that fits into small spaces AND looks good. And for many of us renters, there’s the added challenge of getting as much storage on as small of a budget as possible. Admittedly, this hack isn’t cheap and that’s because of the Ikea piece that’s used as the base, but you could find alternatives that are cheaper. Today’s hack is close to my heart because there’s nothing as gorgeous as reclaimed wood, and the idea of using wood that would otherwise be discarded is just plain wonderful, I’m sure you agree. With today’s Ikea hack, we transform an ugly, plain shelving unit with doors into a rustic, trendy reclaimed wood sideboard or storage cabinet.


1. The parts. You’ll need…


2. Do it.

Cut the wood to size so the panels fit the cabinet doors perfectly and will hang horizontally. The blogger who came up with this hack had the Besta wall cabinet mounted on its side so it was wider than it is tall – that’s up to you! Use the trigger clamps to position the wood panels on each cabinet door, then screw the wood into place from the inside of the cabinet door. Finish the wood panels with the stain, laquer or wood finish. Reattach the cabinet doors to the cabinet. That’s it! So easy.


Source: Place of My Taste


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