Awesome Toronto events happening April 29 – May1

Spring is here, finally, after all that snow we just got, and the entrepreneurs are crawling out of the woodwork with two events this weekend geared to creative types. Plus, on Sunday, you can solve a mystery about whisky and cash stolen during Prohibition-era Toronto in a scavenger hunt that’ll have you solving clues around the Distillery District. Just some of the fun happening in Toronto this weekend, April 29-May 1.

Block Party x Toronto

Get to know new people, especially creative types, and hear from local visual artist Andrew Stelmack at this “block party” event that happens each month at Brainstation. There will be plenty of coffee on hand. Mostly targeted to creative entrepreneurs, but good for anyone who wants to meet people and learn about arts and culture. Make sure you reserve your spot by clicking the link.

When to go: Friday, 6-8 pm

Where at? Brainstation, 460 King W

Tickets: $20

Body Talk

An exhibition that looks at expressions of the female form and sexuality, while examining identity, self-acceptance, and body dysmorphia through portraits, sculpture and still-life photography. Includes works by several local Toronto artists. The opening reception happens Friday and the exhibit continues through the weekend.

When to go: Friday, 7-11 pm

Where at? Project Gallery Studios, 184 Munro

Tickets: admission is free

Digifest Toronto

Only in Toronto would you find a “festival” that “celebrates” design, technology and entrepreneurship trends. But this is it. They’ll also put on interactive installations and workshops to get you working with your peers.

When to go: Friday and Saturday, various times

Where at? Corus Quay, 25 Dockside

Tickets: $15-$20 for students, $60-$100 for professionals

Great Whisky Heist Mystery

Turn back the clocks to circa 1923 Toronto as you and your team of sleuths (2-6 people) solve clues to unravel who stole the whiskey and got away with the cash in a mystery set in the Distillery District. The mystery is a scavenger hunt by Urban Capers.

When to go: Sunday, 2-5 pm

Where at? 30 Gristmill Lane

Tickets: unknown, check website for details

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