Awesome Toronto events happening January 15-17

Practice your Hotline Bling-style dance moves in a bar packed with other raving Drake fans this weekend. Or, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, grab some colouring pencils and play with paper (and alcoholic beverages) and two paper-centric parties – just part of the weird and wonderful events happening in Toronto this weekend, January 15-17.

Adult Wine and Colouring Party

Mustard and bologna. Netflix and chill. Wine and colouring books. Some pairs were absolutely made in heaven. Experience the latter at the Adult Wine and Colouring Party, complete with crayons, pencils, beer, snacks and coffee. And hey, proceeds go to Story Planet’s children’s programs, so you’ll feel good in so many ways.

When to go: Friday, 7:30 pm

Where at? Story Planet, 1165 Bloor W

Tickets: $11

Toronto’s Very Own Drake OVO Night

Pay homage to TO’s pop star de l’instant at the Drake OVO Night Toronto, where you can practice your Hotline Bling moves and wear Drake’s wannabe hip-hop gear. Local DJs will play beats by Drake’s OVO crew all night.

When to go: Friday, 10 pm (sold out) and Saturday, 10 pm

Where at? Friday: Studio Event Theatre, 333 King W and Saturday: Fiction Club, 180 Pearl

Tickets: $20 at the door

Class of 2016 #4

Check out what some music lovers are calling the best new talent coming up for 2016 at the fourth edition of the Class of 2016 shows. This one’s centred around Brooklyn-based tech-folk artist Gabrielle Hearst, plus features Anamai, Wild Rivers, Role Model and Taste.

When to go: Saturday, 8:30 pm

Where at? The Silver Dollar Room, 846 Spadina

Tickets: $10

Pulp Paper Art Party

They boldly tout it as a party in a room full of garbage. Listen to live music, dance and mingle whilst waxing poetic on the current lifecycle of paper materials and dream up new, alternative and sustainable uses.

When to go: Saturday, 9 pm

Where at? Geary Lane, 360 Geary Ave.

Tickets: $20

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