Bubble soccer is a thing in Toronto and it is awesome!

Bubble soccer: It doesn’t mean kicking soap bubbles around because that honestly wouldn’t work and would get old within about five minutes.

But how about strapping a Bubble Boy suit to your body and attempting to play soccer against other Bubble Boys? Now that sounds like a good time.

Thanks to Toronto’s awesomeness, not only is it a good time, it’s also a realistic way to spend your evenings and weekends.

First, what the heck is it?

Bubble soccer started out in Norway as Zorb Football, according to Bubble Soccer Toronto. A couple of Norwegian dudes strapped Zorbs (invented in New Zealand) to their bodies and attempted a game of soccer. The results were hilarious.

Why so funny? Clearly, when one Bubble Boy “tackles” another for the ball, the collision is insanely bouncy and at least one player ends up bouncing/rolling away, usually while giggling like a little girl. Observe. The more bouncing/rolling/giggling there is, the more awesome the game becomes.

Bubble soccer might be the answer to Toronto’s winter boredom curse, at least for a round or two.

Two companies in the GTA have bubble soccer: Bubble Soccer Toronto, which is more of a rental company. You organize the venue, such as a gym, indoor/outdoor soccer pitch or soccer dome, and they bring the bubbles; and AT Bubble Soccer, which has an indoor soccer pitch in Vaughan.

It’s just one more weird/cool thing to do in TO.

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