New to Toronto? Get a free intro to the city with a Toronto Greeter

Moving to a new city is always tough, especially when that city is as huge and diverse as Toronto. Getting your bearings isn’t always easy, and meeting new people takes time.

But hey, you’re here because Toronto is awesome. So here’s one more awesome thing about our city: Toronto Greeters.

What are Toronto Greeters?

These are a team of Torontonians who have volunteered their time to help newcomers to the city get acquainted with their neighbourhood. The service is set up by the City of Toronto, who help match the Greeters to newcomers by interest and location.

What will Toronto Greeters show me?

The Greeters will basically help you get to know your hood, but it doesn’t stop there. These are people who love Toronto, and they want you to love it too. So, they’ll show you how the public transit system works, take you around to your local grocery store, show you other nearby places to shop, introduce you to your neighbourhood’s entertainment, culture and dining options, and pretty much anything else they, or you, feel would be good to know about your new home.

They might show you some of the well-known spots in your neighbourhood, as well as the “hidden gems” or their personal top haunts.

How long is my time with a Toronto Greeter?

The Greeters are volunteers, so it may depend on their schedule, but generally you can expect to spent two to four hours exploring together.

Do the Toronto Greeters only speak English?

Nope! Toronto is a very multicultural city, and Torontonians speak over a hundred different languages. Many of the Greeters are multicultural, too, so if you’re looking for a Greeter who speaks a different language, just ask.

Want to book a Toronto Greeter to show you around your new neighbourhood? Click here.

Source: Toronto Greeters

Erin Cardone

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