The top 10 questions about Toronto according to Google

Q: What is Toronto known for?

A: Besides the late Rob Ford’s antics when he was mayor, Toronto’s actually known for some pretty cool stuff. It’s known for the EdgeWalk at CN Tower, where you can dangle out over the city at 356m high. The Toronto Zoo and the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada are also top attractions. Some might add the city is known for being one of the world’s most multicultural cities – or it’s abysmal hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs.


Q: What does Toronto mean?

A: The word Toronto comes from a word in the Iroquois language that means “where there are trees in water.” Before the spelling “Toronto,” the area first got its name as “lac de Taranteau” in 1670. Over the years, it came to signify the area where the present city is built.


Q: What is Toronto’s weather?

A: Weather in Toronto changes by the day, but the climate is easier to describe. In the winter months of December, January and February, the temperature is, on average, -5ºC overnight and around 0 during the day. The city can get a lot of snow during the winter, and sometimes the snow comes unexpectedly, leaving several feet of it on the ground. In summer, Toronto tends to be hot and humid, reaching 25ºC during the day in June, July and August on average, and 17ºC overnight.


Q: What does Toronto have to offer?

A: Besides the most obvious tourism destinations like the CN Tower, Toronto Zoo and Ripley’s Aquarium Toronto has lots to offer to visitors and locals alike. The city is brimming with culture, reflected in its amazing restaurants, active music and arts scenes and colourful festivals. The city’s neighbourhoods are diverse, offering something for everyone – from family-friendly, to yuppie-filled, to hipster paradise. It’s an excellent place to find work, being one of the economic powerhouses of Canada. Toronto has parks, tons of sports options, bike lanes, transit, exciting attractions to see within a few hours drive (Niagara Falls!), great shopping and so much more, it’s hard to list it all here.


Q: Why is Toronto called the six?

A: You can check out our blog about this new nickname for Toronto, also spelled the 6 or the 6ix. In short, Toronto-raised rapper Drake named an album “Views from the Six,” referring to Toronto. It’s become a pretty common name for the city, especially for younger Torontonians.


Q: What does Toronto look like?

A: Well, the Toronto skyline is punctuated by the CN Tower, with the dome-like Rogers Centre just next to it. The city sits on the shore of Lake Ontario and its downtown is full of skyscrapers. Really, though, if you’re asking this question, you’re gonna want pictures.


Q: Why is Toronto YYZ?

A: Major Canadian airport codes all start with Y because of rules from the International Air Transport Association. But while Vancouver gets YVR and Ottawa gets YOW, Toronto didn’t get YTO. The reason? Toronto has a few airports, so it wouldn’t make sense. Instead, YTO is used to designate the Toronto airport. So while Toronto Pearson International Airport gets YYZ, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport got YTZ and Toronto/Buttonville Municipal Airport is YKZ.


Q: Why is Toronto called the Big Smoke?

A: There’s no clear answer to that one, actually. The first written reference to the nickname, which doubles as the nickname for London, England, may have come from Australian Aboriginals, who used the term to talk about all big cities. The nickname surfaced again in 1994 by a writer who was likely trying to say the city had a big reputation, but not much to show for it.


Q: How is Toronto pronounced?

A: Depends where you’re located. If you’re within Toronto, the correct pronunciation is “tronno” or “chronno”. For anyone who doesn’t live in Toronto, the norm seems to pronounce it as its spelled. There are variations on the local pronunciation, though: “tranna,” “ta-RA-na,” “turrano,” and “churrano” are all acceptable answers.


Q: Where is Toronto?

A: Toronto is located in southern Ontario, which is a province in Canada. The city borders the northern shore of Lake Ontario, which is one of the Great Lakes that divides this part of Canada from the United States. Geographically speaking, Toronto is in the southeastern region of Canada, and isn’t far from New York State.

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