Thinking of painting your Toronto apartment? Read this first

Whether you’re renting a house, condo, apartment, or studio, painting your home brings up questions of what colours are best and who are you really painting these walls for? You can go the route of personal expression and paint delightfully bright and fun colours onto your walls, but won’t that cause a mental breakdown for your landlord?

As a renter (or future-renter), it’s important to speak to the landlord about painting. This is especially necessary for short term rentals that last no longer than a year. We all love to have creative control over our home spaces and perhaps your red couch doesn’t go so well with that intensely blue living room, but is it worth repainting?

Ask yourself if the space really needs to be painted. If you aren’t digging the colour scheme and want a change, then speak to your landlord about it. This is their building, after all, and the colours of the building will impact the first impression people have over the space. This could either make it easier or more challenging to find great tenants in the future. After you get permission, go for it! But only after!

Painting for personal expression leads to results that will either be a hit or miss with people. Not everyone loves a purple kitchen, but some people may adore it. If you plan to be living there for a while and want this place to truly feel like an extension of yourself, then go for it (with approval). If painting isn’t an option, fear not – here are some rental decor tips.

You only live once, so why stay limited to a neutral pallet of grey tones and beiges? This definitely won’t inspire you. At least, not like vibrant and daring colour choices would. If you want to go for neutral colours when you do decide to sell, then doing a paint-over is always an option. This gives you the best of both worlds.

The point is, you should have fun and feel free to paint your home to reflect your personality. Where else are you meant to express yourself quite literally all over the walls? Home is a place for you, so enjoy it. Nothing is permanent.

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