Three places to find dog Halloween costumes in Toronto

You’ve already scored your perfect Miley Cyrus Halloween costume for this year, but what about Spot, Rover or Porky? Luckily, Torontonians absolutely adore their pets, so of course, there are pet stores in TO that stock a pretty good supply of Halloween costumes for dogs.

So whether you’re bringing your pooch to the Halloween party down the street, are hosting a dog-friendly party yourself, are taking the dog trick-or-treating, or are just staying home with your pup and dressing up a deux (it happens), here are some great spots to find Halloween costumes for your pet.

Dogfather & Co.

Located at 1007 Yonge St., the Dogfather & Co.  supplies a pretty healthy assortment of dog apparel throughout the year, but during this season, they stock up on pretty creative Halloween costumes. Our favourites include

The Dog Market

The Dog Market at 2116 Queen St. E doesn’t necessarily have doggie Halloween costumes (call ahead to confirm) but they do have a pretty significant collection of pup apparel and accessories, meaning it’ll be easy to whip up a custom creation for Rolly this Halloween.

Pet It Dog Apparel

Pet It is an online pet store, so while they don’t actually have a Toronto storefront, they ship out of Kitchener and have a decent supply of doggie Halloween costumes. Our picks from their repertoire are the polka-dot dinosaur and the crocheted skeleton toque.

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