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Caledon Apartments, Condos & Houses For Rent

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Caledon Apartments, Condos & Houses For Rent

1 Rental Found

Caledon Overview

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City of Caledon Land of expansive estates and equestrian events

Caledon is a small, mostly rural town in the Peel region of Ontario, located about 30 kilometres northwest of the city of Brampton. In recent years, Caledon has been called the safest city in Canada, with developed pockets spread out through the town, and the estates of very rich families scattered throughout, including Elton John and the Eaton family. The core of Caledon is the community of Bolton, where almost half the town's population lives. That said, Bolton's population dropped from 2006 to 2011, showing that the town's younger population is leaving rural charm behind for big-city dreams.

Who Lives Here

A very normal mix of young people, families, and seniors, reflecting the national average. Caledon is high when it comes to incomes (about $30,000 per year higher than average) and low in terms of multiculturalism, although the South Asian population here is increasing. Residents of Caledon proudly call theirs a green community, striving to tread lightly on the environment.

Perfect for…

Folks who dream of the small-town lifestyle, but like having the conveniences of the city nearby. With the big city of Brampton just 20 minutes' drive from Caledon, residents of the rural town enjoy grand spaces, privacy, solitude and a strong community feel, with plenty of work and shopping options close by.

Not-so-perfect for…

Not-so-perfect for: City dwellers. Bolton is the biggest community in Caledon and counts less than 26,000 residents. Residential areas are spread out among the farms, so those who love the noise and energy of the city will feel isolated from other humans here.

Life and Style

The rural lifestyle dominates in Caledon. Farming is a major practice here and many residents who don't actually farm love living on huge lots of two or more acres in expansive homes overlooking the Humber River Valley. Every year, the town throws its annual festival called Caledon Day, which is based in Bolton and is very family-friendly. Caledon names itself as having one of the biggest equestrian communities in Southern Ontario, thanks to the very active Caledon Equestrian Park in the community of Palgrave and several breeders and equestrian coaches around the town. The arts scene is rather healthy in Caledon as well, with the annual Headwaters Arts Festival and a self- guided studio tour in the summer.

Housing Market

Generally speaking, housing is expensive in Caledon, with purchase prices far above the regional average. But those numbers don't necessarily give a good representation of housing in Caledon, which runs the gamut from expansive and luxurious estate homes, which drive upward the average price, to small, quaint farm houses and little bungalows in town. For renters, choices are limited but the options that are available are excellent – families can score a full house on an acreage for $2,200 per month, or a three- bedroom house in Bolton for just $1,350. (Cue the sound of renters in Toronto choking on those numbers.) The bigger communities in Caledon, including Bolton and Palgrave, have mixed housing options that includes apartments, condos, townhouses and basement suites for renters, while the more rural areas may sometimes have whole houses available for rent, if you're lucky.

Avg. rent by type and size

2-bedroom house/apartment: $1,350
3-bedroom house: $1,475
Avg. rent compared to other Toronto-area towns and regions Caledon is 11% lower than GTA average

Typical housing type

Houses on several acres that range from basic to grandiose


True to the farm-focused lifestyle in Caledon, the town has three weekly farmer's markets: one in Bolton, and in the communities of Inglewood and Southfield Village. Shopping is confined mainly to Bolton, although most communities across Caledon have small commercial centres with services, food and entertainment to attract nearby residents. The town is interspersed with churches, community centres, parks, arts and crafts stores, stables and cute farm stands selling local products.