There are some excellent moving companies in Toronto and the GTA, offering a whole range of services. Some Toronto movers will do all the work from start to finish, including packing all your belongings into boxes, loading them, transporting, and then unloading and unpacking on the other side.

Others are more affordable moving companies that essentially just transport your goods from one apartment to the next.

Before finding a mover to help you relocate in Toronto, you'll need to be prepared. Ask yourself whether hiring a mover is worth the convenience versus the cost, or if renting a moving truck will do the job.

The Canadian government's Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company has really useful advice. But here are some of the best tips for finding a moving company:

  • Shop around. Compare prices, services, and insurance policies
  • Get estimates in writing.
  • Gauge how big of a moving truck you'll need, and add a good 10- 15%. You have more stuff than you think.
  • Make calls early. Give a few months notice so you don't get stuck with your heart set on a company that's not available the day you want to move.
  • Get a grasp on whether your insurance company will cover your belongings if they're damaged during the move.
  • Once you choose a moving company, have them come to your house to assess the weight and size of your stuff so your quote is accurate.

Even if with the best moving company, it's important to ask lots of questions and get the answers in writing so you can protect yourself and the value of your belongings in case of an accident.

Top 10 questions to ask your moving company:

  1. 1 Will the movers load my boxes and furniture into and out of the truck?
  2. 2 Are there extra costs not included in my quote?
  3. 3 Will the movers place furniture for me, or just load it in and leave it?
  4. 4 Are you insured? (Get a copy of their insurance information.)
  5. 5 What is the deductible for insurance claims?
  6. 6 For moves within Toronto or the GTA, how long will the move take?
  7. 7 Can I use my own boxes?
  8. 8 Do the movers provide protective blankets/wrap?
  9. 9 Is a deposit required? Is it refundable?
  10. 10 Do your prices change depending on time of year or day of the week?

For long distance or cross-Canada moves, there are some other considerations to ask about before signing a contract with a moving company:

  1. How long will the move take?

  2. Where will the moving truck/trucks be stored overnight? Is the location secure?

  3. Does the company's insurance plan cover overnight or multi-day moves?