Baldwin Village

A neighbourhood of some of TO's best restaurants

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Baldwin Village

Baldwin Village, located west of downtown Toronto, is more of a commercial area than a residential neighbourhood, as older style homes are being converted into restaurants and small shops. Known as the student ghetto during the 1960s due to its recognition as a gathering place for student protests against the Vietnam War, Baldwin Village is now widely known as one of Toronto's best restaurant districts, home to street concerts and live outdoor performances. Situated on Baldwin Street between Beverley and McCaul, It's a tiny area located within Grange Park and just next to Chinatown, giving it a high proportion of Chinese residents, although the food options here are not only Chinese.

Who Lives Here

Middle-class families, students, seniors and working couples, a large section of whom are of Chinese descent. The style is a bit on the funky side, with some longer-term residents still reliving the good ol' day of anti-war protests.

Perfect for…

Anyone wanting to live close to or work at some of Toronto's best bars, cafes and restaurants.

Not-so-perfect for…

The super-square who aren't keen on alternative lifestyles or a significant number of immigrant neighbours.

Life and Style

Eating and drinking are the main pastimes in Baldwin Village, at any number of bistros, cafes, ice cream shops and sandwich shops. Between bites, there's the Art Gallery of Ontario nearby, as well as Village on the Grange and the University of Toronto.

Housing Market

Renting in Baldwin Village is far less expensive than some of Toronto's ritzier downtown neighbourhoods. Much of the area with the detached houses and townhouses is owner-occupied, but the rest of the community has a fair few apartment buildings with relatively low rents that cater to lower-income families.

Avg. rent by housing type and size

Bachelor/Studio: $995
1-bedroom: $1,375
2-bedroom: $1,820
Avg. rent compared to other Toronto neighbourhoods
Baldwin Village is 10% lower than TO average

Typical housing type

Smaller family homes, but most have been converted to restaurants; there are several rowhouses and townhouses nearby


Vegetarian Haven, Konnichiwa, Manpuku, Karine's, the Crepes Club, Mean Bao and the iconic Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cafe (yes, it does exist!) are all located within the few blocks that make up Baldwin Village and each offers unique cuisine from around the world, mostly at really fair prices.