City Place

An oft-criticized collection of condo towers

Depending who you ask, the term CityPlace in Toronto can either refer to a cluster of tall and uber-shiny high-rise condo buildings on the waterfront, or a future ghetto development lacking originality and services. The area spans the section between Bathurst and Spadina, just north of the Expressway, but extends slightly east of Spadina as well. The easternmost portion has been criticized for being a densely packed area with little to offer to pedestrians, while newer construction to Spadina's west gets somewhat better reviews. Overall, Torontonians complain that too many investors mean CityPlace has become a low-rent haven in high-rise heaven, but that these young renters are the types who might turn the shiny buildings into dull, run-down ones. One great feature that nearly everyone can agree on is Canoe Landing Park, which was designed by Douglas Coupland, a well-respected Canadian artist and writer, and includes a public art gallery and eight-acre park.

Who Lives Here

Young singles and couples who work downtown.

Perfect for…

Kidless downtown professional types. In 10 minutes, residents of CityPlace can walk to the Toronto Financial District.

Not-so-perfect for…

Seniors, who won't fit in with the average age at CityPlace, and families with kids, who will find a three-bedroom unit a rarity. Also, public space is hard to find here, as are services like good restaurants and bars, but if you don't mind seeking these perks elsewhere, you won't mind.

Life and Style

Construction at CityPlace began in the early 2000s and still continues today. Such a new neighbourhood may not have yet established its own lifestyle, although its location close to some of the best areas of downtown is a big bonus for residents here. Within the neighbourhood itself, though, it's possible that lifestyle doesn't quite exist yet, with virtually no restaurants and bars, and little in the way of public outdoor areas except Canoe Landing Park.

Housing Market

Most units within the many condo buildings of CityPlace, and there are currently more than 5,000 units, are rentals. The average rental rates for the studios and one-bedroom units in these towers are on par with the rest of downtown, but those who are patient and ask around are likely to find great deals with rates that are a few hundred bucks lower than the norm.

Avg. rent by housing type and size

Studio/Bachelor: $1,200
1-bedroom: $1,400
2-bedroom: $2,300
3-bedroom: $2,900
Avg. rent compared to other Toronto neighbourhoods
CityPlace is 6% higher than TO average

Typical housing type

Studio and one-bedroom condo units


Besides Canoe Landing Park and the multitude of new towers, there's little to be said about CityPlace. The neighbourhood is separated from the waterfront by the Expressway and from the rest of downtown by the rail line. Within walking distance, however, are Garrison Common Park, Roundhouse Park, HTO Park and the Waterfront Trail.