Deer Park

Great for young families and seniors with money

A truly wealthy mixed-use neighbourhood, Deer Park not only offers large, exclusive homes like any good ol' ritzy community, but also a great shopping area right at its heart, plus a decent selection of condos and townhouses that cater to almost any renter's budget. What's more, Deer Park, although not exactly downtown Toronto, is conveniently connected to the city's business districts by the 512 St. Clair streetcar. The local elementary and high schools add to the amenities of the neighbourhood, making it a very desirable place to live for homebuyers as much as for renters of almost all ages and types.

Who Lives Here

Very affluent Torontonians, for the most part. The average family income in Deer Park exceeds $100,000 by a lot, and that goes for the younger families as much as for the very large proportion of seniors who call this neighbourhood home. The diversity factor is virtually null.

Perfect for…

Families with kids to place in some of the city's best schools, or seniors looking for a great neighbourhood with outdoor amenities, shopping, services, health centres and restaurants nearby.

Not-so-perfect for…

Lower-income families and anyone who isn't particularly keen on living in a practically all-white community.

Life and Style

Living in Deer Park has lots of perks. The heart of the neighbourhood is Yonge-St. Clair, one of the most loved destinations for Torontonians for a good feed and some drinks in a nice setting. Plus, there are some truly great parks in the community, like the Rosedale Ravine, the Rosehill Reservoir and the Vale of Avoca. The reservoir features a pretty waterfall and a staircase system that's popular with joggers, and there's an excellent network of trails that is popular with walkers and cyclists. Despite these green spaces being confined within a pretty densely populated part of Toronto, they manage to give a sense of escape from city life. They add emphasis to the outdoor lifestyle that's well loved by residents of Deer Park, who will also stroll past shop windows of Yonge-St. Clair on weekends, or take the streetcar into the city either for commuting purposes for to get their fill of Toronto nightlife.

Housing Market

Expensive. Rents in Deer Park are high, although good deals on a basement suite or small condo can be found from time to time. But with the neighbourhood being rather full of rich families and seniors, it hasn't made much room for affordable places to rent. There is often quite a bit of stock available, thanks to a large number of condo and apartment buildings in Deer Park, but several detached homes have also been converted into apartment units as well, giving a different set of housing options to renters.

Avg. rent by housing type and size

Studio/Bachelor: $1,125
1-bedroom: $1,450
2-bedroom: $1,900
3-bedroom: $2,400
Avg. rent compared to other Toronto neighbourhoods
Deer Park is 5% lower than TO average

Typical housing type

Nice, big detached homes and lots of condos


Yonge and St. Clair pretty much brings the flavours of the world to the doorstep of residents of Deer Park. Options include, but definitely aren't limited to, Italian, French, Chinese, sushi, tapas, burgers and even schnitzel. Prices run the gamut, from very cheap to wallet-sacking. The area is also home to a ton of office buildings and good shopping.