Harbord Village

U of T's western bedroom community

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Harbord Village

What began as a working-class neighbourhood and transformed later into an important Jewish community in Toronto up until the 1960s is now Harbord Village, also called South Annex because of its position to the south of the Annex neighbourhood. It's located between Spadina and Bathurst, and College and Bloor, and is full of some very unique Toronto architecture. Harbord Village is a small community of about 5,000, many of whom are university professors who teach at the University of Toronto just to the east, as well as some students and families.

Who Lives Here

Middle-class people including professors and families with older children, plus students of U of T.

Perfect for…

University students, mainly, as well as older professional couples whose kids have flown the coop.

Not-so-perfect for…

Families with young kids. Not that there's anything wrong with the pretty three-bedroom houses in Harbord Village, but there are simply no other kids around to play with (about 60% fewer kids than other TO neighbourhoods).

Life and Style

Residents of Bennington Heights enjoy living the suburban dream, but close to the city. Quiet streets make for great places for kids to play road hockey and nearby parks with playgrounds act as gathering places where families meet to catch up. The neighbourhood has stayed pretty much the same since it was developed in the mid-20th century, and people who live here want it to stay just as it is.

Housing Market

Inhabited by a ton of students, Harbord Village has a sort of "renting season." During the summer months, the prices drop as tons of inventory comes on the market, but throughout the school year, there's little in the way of rentals and prices tend to rise. That said, there's a solid variety of housing in the area, including endless rows of townhouses with two to three bedrooms, low-rise apartments and couple of high-rise condo towers.

Avg. rent by housing type and size

Studio apartment: $800
1-bedroom: $1,220
2-bedroom: $2,000
3-bedroom: $2,400
Avg. rent compared to other Toronto neighbourhoods
Harbord Village is 15% lower than TO average

Typical housing type

Characteristic Toronto bay and gable homes and some low-rise apartments


Positioned next door to the University of Toronto, Harbord Village has capitalized on the student population and businesses have opened up offering great low-budget food and drinks. In such a tiny, sleepy bedroom community, there are no fewer than 80 bars and restaurants, concentrated most heavily along Bloor, Spadina, Harbord and College. The crowd is primarily university students, of course, with a few from the older crowd mixed in as well. Other than that, the neighbourhood is primarily residential, although there is a community centre in its southwest corner.