A little business strip mixed with low-rent apartments

With more than 50,000 Koreans living in Toronto, there was bound to be a Koreatown. Most of them moved to the area of Bathurst and Bloor, and soon started opening up a bunch of shops in the area, which led to the name Koreatown. The brightly coloured signs along Bloor often don't even bother with English. To the north is Seaton Village and to the south, Palmerston, but many of the K-town business owners live really close to the Bloor Street strip from Bathurst to Christie Station. Renters, rejoice: Rates here are pretty cheap.

Who Lives Here

Ethnic Koreans and Chinese of all ages, including students, families, kids and seniors.

Perfect for…

New immigrants from Korea, plus just about anyone looking for great rental prices and a location that's close to the University of Toronto.

Not-so-perfect for…

People with high incomes that prefer to live in a bit of exclusivity with high-end services around. Koreatown has great food, but prices are low and the housing isn't especially luxurious.

Life and Style

Can you hear the karaoke? Koreatown's businesses have done a great job of bringing Korea to Toronto. Awesome food at great prices is at your doorstep if you live in K-town, the KBA, Little Korea, or whatever you wish to call it. There are Korean-style bars that dish up a great nightlife, whether they're karaoke bars or not.

Housing Market

Rents are low in and around Koreatown. The apartments cater to small, lower-income families, seniors and students. They're nothing fancy, but the location by the Korean businesses and the U of T make it a great place to live for a certain slice of the population.

Avg. rent by housing type and size

1-bedroom: $900
2-bedroom: $1,300
Avg. rent compared to other Toronto neighbourhoods
Koreatown is 38% lower than TO average

Typical housing type

Low-rise apartments

Side note

While Koreatown remains mainly Korean, it's easy to see that some Latin food joints are making an entrance to the area and might change the face of Koreatown within a few decades.


Get your karaoke fix at BMB and your kimchi fix at any one of a dozen-plus Korean restaurants along the strip. There are grocery markets and housewares, and there's the famous (or is it infamous?) Honest Ed's variety store to Koreatown's east.