Rich, but far from square

Ah, Rosedale. Cabbagetown may think it's the envy of all Toronto neighbourhoods, but in reality, Rosedale has always had the honour, well before Cabbagetown ever got with the times. Most of what's been written about Rosedale is that it's the best neighbourhood in Toronto (just ask Toronto Life and half the newspapers in town). So you won't just see insanely trendy hipster dads and hipster moms with decked out hipster babies strolling around past raw bars and vegan shoe shops, these are the pinnacle of what Toronto coolness is about – at least according to the mainstream masses. Anyway, the other thing about Rosedale is it's anything but monochromatic, so while the average household income exceeds $300,000 a year, there are tons of students and the younger swath of hipsters trying to make their way in the Toronto scene. It's a neighbourhood with a smorgasbord of rentals available to suit most budgets and lifestyles.

Who Lives Here

Some of Toronto's richest people, who live next door to students, hipsters, professionals and families of all kinds.

Perfect for…

People who've really made it in the world and want the address to prove it, as well as the young, rich and hip generation wanting to be surrounded by other influential characters.

Not-so-perfect for…

Downtown-types who love the concrete jungle.

Life and Style

The streets of Rosedale's commercial districts are lined with trendy, upscale shopping boutiques and creative joints with some of the best nosh in town. And the Rosedale residents who frequent these adored destinations are usually the best-dressed and sometimes the richest in town. The style in Rosedale is anything but square – the neighbourhood's most well-off residents may be execs, professionals and celebs of the upper echelons of Toronto society, but on evenings and weekends, they shed the perfectly tailored suits for coloured jeans and trade the ties for bowties. The area most frequented by the high-rollers is Yonge, although the Summerhill area at the neighbourhood's north end has some great shopping, bars and restaurants as well. And don't be fooled – though Rosedale is affluent (to put it lightly), it's not uniform in its richesse. So the bowtied execs are likely to dine next to university students (whose parents have money) when they go out on a Friday night.

Housing Market

For renters, Rosedale is expensive. With the average rent in a studio apartment running you in excess of $1,100, living in Rosedale is for Torontonians with well-lined pockets. For buyers, though, the situation is just plain grim for the Average Joe, with prices for a pretty standard (although charming) house starting in the high $800,000 range and easily surpassing the million-dollar mark.

Avg. rent by housing type and size

Studio/Bachelor: $1,110
1-bedroom: $1,980
2-bedroom: $2,325
3-bedroom: $3,000
Avg. rent compared to other Toronto neighbourhoods
Rosedale is 15% higher than TO average

Typical housing type

Expansive heritage manors on large lots, plus a good many townhouses and newer condos


The best of Rosedale stretches along Yonge from Crescent to Summerhill, boasting enviable fashion, art, decor, pubs, lounges, breakfast and patios. Among them is the Black Camel – the site of all-day lineups – Rebel House Pub and All the Best Fine Foods, which is like an artisan cheese shop, mixed with a boutique grocery store, mixed with a bakery. For coffee, locals drool over Caffe Doria above all else and for home decor, L'Atelier is among the top destinations. When you've had your fill of consumption-based pastimes, you can escape civilization to one of several parks, the best of which might be Rosedale Park, boasting no less than eight tennis courts, an artificial skating rink and a wading pool for kids. Moore Park, on the other hand, is crisscrossed with paths and trails that are awesome for walking, running and cycling. Families are blessed with two respected public schools right within Rosedale's borders: Rosedale Heights School of the Arts for high-school kids and Rosedale Junior Public School. The nearest Catholic school, located in Moore Park, is Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and there's Gradale Academy private school for kids up to Grade 3.