South Hill

Rich older couples in elegant older homes

Lovely older homes and historic apartment buildings, great public and Catholic schools and an easy commute to the city's Financial District have made South Hill one of Toronto's most coveted neighbourhoods, even though many residents don't really know where it is. South Hill shares land with the better-known neighbourhood of Casa Loma; its borders include St. Clair in the north down to the rail lines in the south, and from Avenue Road to Spadina. It's a community of older couples with plenty of money and established families who live in grand homes along winding, treed streets. Renters eyeing South Hill will have a tough time swallowing the lack of rentals available in the neighbourhood, but if you do find something that suits your tastes, snap it up – the rents in South Hill are usually quite reasonable.

Who Lives Here

A crowd that is decidedly older than neighbourhoods closer to downtown. The South Hill area does have lots of families, but it's also a favourite spot for seniors and empty-nesters to call home. Also, the average family income of South Hill pretty much doubles the city average.

Perfect for…

Families looking to settle in a quiet and safe neighbourhood that is close to great schools and parks, as well as seniors who want easy access to medical care and the services of downtown.

Not-so-perfect for…

Singles and young couples – there just aren't people like you around. There's also little that can be said for South Hill nightlife.

Life and Style

The South Hill lifestyle is a quiet one. Despite being very close to downtown, the neighbourhood has a distinctly suburban feel, with large homes on larger lots and the condo buildings here are of the high-end sort. Frankly, there's little that goes on in South Hill besides people living out their lives, with just a few shops around. However, the neighbourhood offers its residents convenient access to downtown, whether by car or transit, making a night of expensive dinners and drinks a real possibility. On the weekends or for those who don't work, Sir Winston Churchill Park has a decent trail network, plus tennis courts and a wading pool for kids.

Housing Market

There are very few rentals to be found in the South Hill area, but for those who do find a house, condo or apartment for rent, the monthly rates are very reasonable despite the purchase price for South Hill real estate being extremely high.

Avg. rent by housing type and size

Studio/Bachelor: $1,200
1-bedroom: $1,300
2-bedroom: $1,830
3-bedroom: $2,600
Avg. rent compared to other Toronto neighbourhoods
South Hill is 5% lower than TO average

Typical housing type

Turn-of-the-century estates and mansions, plus some luxury condos


There are few really notable destinations within the community of South Hill itself. There is, however, the Spadina Museum, which re-creates the upscale life in Toronto during the 1920s, plus there's the lovely Casa Loma castle just outside the neighbourhood's boundaries. There's some shopping and a couple of restaurants along Avenue Road, which is South Hill's eastern border, but residents of the neighbourhood head out to Yonge-St. Clair, or go downtown for their entertainment needs.