The Annex

The place for rich students and well-off profs

Frat boys from the University of Toronto live next to their profs and down the street from their rich uncles in the Annex. The lively and charming neighbourhood is just a stone's throw away from the University of Toronto, providing a rental market with a healthy mix of students, faculty and young professionals. Despite so many students, the average income in this neighbourhood is far higher than the city's average, and the wealth of its residents shows in the immaculately renovated homes, located on quiet one-way streets. Many homes in the Annex are large and brick, and a number of them were converted into multi-family dwellings during hard times, but have since been changed back into single-family houses more recently. The architecture in the Annex draws tourists who come to see a style of house unique to this community. Meanwhile, the Annex should not be confused with a sleepy, bedroom community. Contrarily, shops and restaurants keep their doors open late for longer off-campus social time. There's plenty of shopping and patios to be found along Bloor especially. Bloor is the neighbourhood's southern border, with Dupont to the north, Avenue in the east and Bathurst west.

Who Lives Here

U of T students and their professors, plus families and empty-nesters. The average resident of the Annex is hard to define, except to say there's more money here than in many Toronto neighbourhoods.

Perfect for…

Students of the University of Toronto who can afford to pay a bit for rent, as well as older couples who love unique architecture.

Not-so-perfect for…

Parents with kids in high school. There are several elementary schools nearby, but high schools require a bit of a commute.

Life and Style

After class, university students and profs take to the stretch of cafes, boutiques, bars and restaurants along Bloor to unwind. Bloor aside, the neighbourhood's streets are speckled with bars and restaurants that turn a good business, offering good food, live music and decently priced drinks. Thanks to their incomes in part, as well as the university's culture, you'll find very trendy people roaming the streets of the Annex, with perfectly groomed beards and skinny jeans.

Housing Market

Renting in the Annex is one of the more affordable options for students wanting to live close to the university but not in rez, and for young couples wanting to live close, but not too close, to downtown.

Avg. rent by housing type and size

Studio/Bachelor: $880
1-bedroom: $1,225
2-bedroom: $1,850
3-bedroom: $2,400
Avg. rent compared to other Toronto neighbourhoods
The Annex is 15% lower than TO average

Typical housing type

Brick-faced semi-detached homes and apartment buildings

Side note

This is the home of the Annex-style house. Its architecture is unique to this area only, and features brick exteriors, Romanesque arches, prominent attics, turrets and Credit Valley sandstone accents. The style was most popular among Toronto's richest residents in the late 1800s.


Some of Bloor's best destinations for a student's growling stomach are Harbord House, Famoso Pizzeria, Insomnia and Rose and Sons. For shopping, Honest Ed's wild thrift store is a destination in itself, as is Sonic Boom record store and the Bloor Cinema. There's a Jewish community centre here and many residents work out at the U of T's athletic centre.