Trinity Bellwoods

Little Portugal's trendy east end

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Trinity Bellwoods

While Little Portugal tends to be home to families and a few seniors, the Trinity-Bellwoods neighbourhood just to its east is home to a younger generation with tastes that tend toward the new hipster scene rather than traditional cafes and sports bars. For young couples who move here, the housing stock is very nice and those who know how to search diligently can find pretty awesome deals on one-bedroom lofts. For families and homeowners, rows of pretty, brick detached houses come together to make a very attractive neighbourhood with several public and Catholic schools nearby, unique businesses and a quick commute to work downtown.

Who Lives Here

Couples, families with kids and a few seniors – in general, a younger bunch than the average Little Portugal resident. Most of the population is Portuguese here, too.

Perfect for…

Families with young kids who would benefit from being close to a selection of public and Catholic elementary schools and an enormous park.

Not-so-perfect for…

Rivals of any of Portugual's soccer clubs.

Life and Style

The face of Trinity-Bellwoods has been changing lately, moving away from a mainly family-oriented neighbourhood to one with more youth. As such, the face of the businesses has changed too, toward more independently owned boutique businesses, whether that means fashion, decor, art, coffee, bars or restaurants. Trinity-Bellwoods is becoming trendier with time, and as more young professionals who work flexible hours and do the "working remotely" thing move in, the trendy cafes and bars are seeing more business during the day, all while the pace of life decreases but the influx of dollars increases.

Housing Market

Most of Trinity-Bellwoods rentals are still lower priced than those a bit closer to the core of downtown Toronto, although some lofts and detached houses still command extremely high rates, aided by awesome amenities nearby and proximity to the city's commercial heart. Renters and buyers can bet that prices will continue to rise over the next few years.

Avg. rent by housing type and size

Studio/Bachelor: $1,280
1-bedroom: $1,650
2-bedroom: $1,785
3-bedroom: $2,250
Avg. rent compared to other Toronto neighbourhoods
Trinity-Bellwoods is 1% lower than TO average

Typical housing type

Brick Victorians on small lots, townhouses and low-rise apartment buildings


The centre of the neighbourhood is Trinity-Bellwoods Park, which stretches all the way from Dundas to Queen and has several tennis courts, sports fields, a wading pool for kids, a skating rink and a playground. There are easily seven or eight elementary schools within an easy drive from home for residents of Trinity-Bellwoods. Shopping- and eating-wise, the western length of Dundas flows into Little Portugal's main business district, with its seafood restaurants and rowdy bars, while Queen Street West and Ossington have the restaurants and bars that cater to the younger crowd.