Upper Beaches

Upper Beaches/Kingston Road

Only recently have the Upper Beaches been called the Upper Beaches, and although the name was a marketing ploy from over a decade ago, it seems to have stuck. So for those who can't afford the Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto, there's the Upper Beaches (aka Kingston Road), located just north of the lakeside village. Want more names? Part of the 'hood is also called East Danforth, Midway or the Town of East Toronto, or Kingston Road overall. Whatever you call the area bordered by Kingston to the south, the railway tracks just south of the Danforth, Coxwell in the west and Victoria Park in the east, it's an east Toronto neighbourhood with lots of families, lots of public and Catholic school options, several parks and sports fields, and quite a few houses that are still affordable compared to the rest of the city.

Who Lives Here

Middle-income families with kids taking advantage of more than a dozen schools located right within the community. There are a few seniors and empty-nesters as well.

Perfect for…

Seniors, young families and working couples looking for affordable rents.

Not-so-perfect for…

Downtown-loving apartment dwellers and high-rollers.

Life and Style

Generally speaking, the Upper Beaches form a pretty quiet, laid back residential community. It's neither the trendiest, nor the most affluent, nor crime-laden, nor raucous after dark. It's a rather normal and subdued bedroom community that's close to some pretty great entertainment and shopping areas, namely the Danforth for a livelier scene and kitschy Queen Street. There are a few playgrounds around for afternoons with the kids, like Cassels Park (it doubles as the dog park), or families can explore Small Creek in the west end of the community. For commuters, getting downtown is quick enough on one of three streetcar lines, or if you prefer to skip town for the weekend, Kingston Road makes it easy to head east and the Don Valley Parkway is close enough for travelling north to the lakes. Otherwise, for a getaway closer to home, just take a short jaunt south to the Beaches for some time on the sand along the lakeshore.

Housing Market

Renting in the Upper Beaches is relatively affordable – one-bedroom rentals are often under $1,000 and are usually bigger than what you'd find closer to downtown, which is great for seniors and couples. For families, renting three or more bedrooms is a bit tougher due to a small pool of rentals available in that size, mainly because a lot of families in the neighbourhood own their own homes.

Avg. rent by housing type and size

Studio/Bachelor: $847
1-bedroom: $1,210
2-bedroom: $2,018
3-bedroom: $2,275
Avg. rent compared to other Toronto neighbourhoods
The Upper Beaches are 15% lower than TO average

Typical housing type

Older duplexes and townhouses


Want to get out of the house? There are tons of places for a bite to eat if you know where to look. Right within the Upper Beaches neighbourhood are a few hotspots, like where Kingston meets Victoria Park. Check out No Bull Burgers or the Beech Tree. Farther west on Kingston there's the Beaches Bakeshop, or find the neighbourhood favourite, Upper Beach Cafe near Gerrard on Woodbine. Head a little north to the Danforth and you've got the endless selection of bars, cafes, Greek bakeries, shops and galleries of Greektown. Or get your fix of antiques and vintage trinkets on Queen Street farther south in the Beaches.