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Newmarket Apartments, Condos & Houses For Rent

City Guide
8 Rentals Found

Newmarket Apartments, Condos & Houses For Rent

8 Rentals Found

  • $2,150 3 Bd 1 Ba


    124 Longford Drive

    None 124 Longford Drive Newmarket, ON - L3Y 2Y5
    3 Bd 1 Ba
  • $850 1 Bd 1 Ba


    Matthew Boyd Crescent

    None Matthew Boyd Crescent Newmarket, ON - L3X
    1 Bd 1 Ba
  • Newmarket City Guide

    Rated as one of Canada's best small cities to live catering to all ages.

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  • $2,500 4 Bd 3 Ba 2000ft2


    187 Gail Parks Crescent

    None 187 Gail Parks Crescent Newmarket, ON - L3X 3C2
    4 Bd 3 Ba 2000ft2
  • $1,795 - $1,915 1 - 2 Bd 1 Ba


    75 Huron Heights Drive

    Huron Heights Apartments 75 Huron Heights Drive Newmarket, ON - L3Y 3J8
    1 - 2 Bd 1 Ba
  • $899 1 Bd 1 Ba 9234ft2


    23 Cranborne Chase

    None 23 Cranborne Chase Newmarket, ON - L3Y 4W1
    1 Bd 1 Ba 9234ft2
  • $3,050 4 Bd 4 Ba


    Vantage Loop

    None Vantage Loop Newmarket, ON - None
    4 Bd 4 Ba
  • $1,500 1 Bd 1 Ba


    60 Savage Road

    None 60 Savage Road Newmarket, ON - L3X 1P7
    1 Bd 1 Ba
  • $2,650 4 Bd 2 ½ Ba


    203 Thoms Crescent

    None 203 Thoms Crescent Newmarket, ON - L3Y 1C9
    4 Bd 2 ½ Ba

Newmarket Overview

Property Type Listings Average
House 4 $2425
Apartment 2 $1953
Room 2 $874

Property Categories

Category Listings Average

City of Newmarket Where heritage charm and the tech industry collide

Home to 80,000 people, Newmarket has been touted as one of Canada's best small cities to live. And for good reason; the town is located just north of Toronto, making commuting to downtown easy on the area's web of excellent roads, or on a selection of public transit options. Due to the plethora of knowledge- and service-based industries in town, residents of Newmarket on average make a hefty chunk of change more than the GTA average, and live in bigger homes than their neighbours in the city, paying a lot less rent. Newmarket's own downtown area, located on Main Street, is a heritage conservation area with many buildings in excess of a century old, lending a magnificent charm to the community.

Who Lives Here

Young couples and families make their homes in Newmarket, especially those with school-age children. Colour-wise, Newmarket is a mainly white town and residents make more on their paycheques than many GTA cities.

Perfect for…

Young, working singles looking to live life to the fullest, as evidenced by the many entertainment facilities here. Young academics can also enjoy a number of post-secondary institutions and facilities such as the Newmarket Public Library located in the historic downtown. It’s also perfect for anyone who wants to be at the centre of the York region and enjoy proximity to Toronto.

Not-so-perfect for…

Very few people. In reality, Newmarket caters to all ages, including working couples, families and seniors. Great transit and lots of opportunities to find employment help. Suits, however, might find that the after-hours entertainment scene doesn't fit their style.

Life and Style

Newmarket is a town of festivals, with events slated to celebrate all the major holidays on the calendar. Events such as Canada Day, the Downtown Fall Festival and the Christmas Open House Weekend all take place on Main Street. The historic downtown shopping area on Main is lined with locally owned shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. On Davis Drive is Upper Canada Mall, just east of Yonge Street, and Woodland Hill shopping centre further north of Yonge has big-box stores. Newmarket Theatre offers a feast of entertainment with offerings like dance performances and live music.

Housing Market

Housing in Newmarket is diverse, with everything from suburban neighbourhoods geared toward drivers, to upscale condos, to charming heritage houses throughout. In the future, town officials plan to concentrate development to four areas: Yonge-Davis, Yonge south of Green Lane, the Regional Healthcare Centre and the historic downtown area. Gladly, Yonge will be saved from any more big-box influx in the future. Downtown Newmarket's housing stock consists of many a late Victorian- and Edwardian-style home from the 1980s and 1990s, and outside of downtown are ranch-style bungalows and two-storeys from the ‘50s, '60s and '70s. Meanwhile, there's lower-cost housing options around Newmarket Town Hall on Mulock Drive, where there's also newly developed homes and a selection of low- and mid-rise condominiums.

Avg. rent by type and size

1-bedroom: $925
2-bedroom: $1,273
3-bedroom: $1,600
Avg. rent compared to other Toronto-area towns and regions
Newmarket is 11% lower than GTA average

Typical housing type

Ranch-style bungalows, character homes and multi-storey apartments and condos

Side note

Newmarket was once the home of funnymen John Candy and Jim Carrey, as well as figure skater Elvis Stojko.


Riverwalk Commons, a newly constructed recreation district near Water Street, is part park, part cultural centre, hosting community events and giving space for all-season activities. It includes a pond that is converted into a skating rink in the winter, plus a farmer's market, a performance stage, a network of trails that connect to Fairy Lake Park and Holland River's systems, plus a community centre. For the art lovers of Newmarket, Newmarket Theatre offers a variety of community activities like dance recitals and headline entertainers. Workshops, social activities, special events and dances take place at the Newmarket Youth and Recreation Centre. Yonge Street serves up the town's best selection of restaurants, like All-Star Wings and Ribs, Tom's and Villa Risi.

  • Ray Twinney Complex
  • Fairy Lake
  • Old Town Hall
  • Upper Canada Mall
  • Armitage Village

    Armitage Village, at the centre of Newmarket, is bordered by Mulock to the north and on the west, Yonge. The Bailey Ecological Park forms the southeast border of the village. Most homes here are detached but there are also freeholds, condominiums and townhouses in the western and southern regions, as well as small luxurious semi-detached homes to the south looking toward Aurora.

  • Bristol-London

    The eastern part of the Bristol-London neighbourhood in Newmarket is geared toward renters, with no apartments available but some converted detached homes. Residents in this north-central part of the city are blessed with easy access to the Upper Canada Mall, as well as tons of businesses along Yonge Street.

  • Central Newmarket

    Central Newmarket is the heart of the city with a rich history and plenty of beautiful old homes that date back 100 years or more. Proximity to great medical centres within walking distance and the city's favourite park, Fairy Lake, which hosts many of the city's seasonal activities including the Farmer's Market, Canada Day, summer music concerts and Artist Days, plus is home to world-class medical facilities and Fairy Lake park. Central Newmarket has several condos and detached houses sell on the low side.

  • Glenway Estates

    Glenway Estates in the northwest of Newmarket surrounds Glenway Country Golf Club, which is slated to be subdivided for more residential development. The community is close to Upper Canada Mall, which has tons of and several restaurants and retail outlets nearby. A larger portion of the homes in this neighbourhood are detached and most are less than 10 years old. Currently there are no condos available in this neighbourhood, but a planned condo project called Slessor Square is in the works for adults with special needs and seniors.

  • Gorham-College Manor

    Few condos but plenty of detached homes are available in family-friendly Gorham-College Manor, located close to parks, the Magna Recreation Centre and Highway 404. Its major boundaries include Mulock Road, Leslie Street and Bayview, and conservation lands along the north end.

  • Huron Heights-Leslie Valley

    A high-value family community, Huron Heights-Leslie Valley is a neighbourhood in Newmarket's northeast, on the upper side of College Manor. Its attractions include easy accessibility to the 404, nature trails, restaurants, grocery shopping and driving ranges. The neighbourhood is made up of mainly a few bungalows and detached two-storeys.

  • Stonehaven-Wyndham

    Stonehaven-Wyndham belongs mostly to old-money buyers and well-established families. Homes here are mostly of the luxurious sort, as well as a few upscale townhouses.

  • Summerhill Estates

    Great for families thanks to its mixed housing stock and proximity to parks and schools, Summerhill Estates is endowed with bungalows, detached, semi-detached houses and townhomes in the southwest corner of Newmarket. The north of Summerhill has homes built primarily in the 1990s, while the south is the newer section, still under steady development. There are three schools and a retail outlet with grocery shopping and a pharmacy nearby, plus wooded areas closer to Bathurst, sports fields and parks.

  • Woodland Hill

    Woodland Hill was founded around 2004 and offers a variety of houses including semi-detached homes, large detached homes, townhomes and some nice bungalows. Woodland Hill's population is a medley of ages and diverse ethnic and social backgrounds, though it mainly consists of young families. It has easy accessibility to parks, schools, splash pads for hot summer days and sports fields. Nearby big box stores, gyms, groceries, the Upper Canada Mall, restaurants, banks, a great movie theatre has attracted many a buyer.