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Oshawa Apartments, Condos & Houses For Rent

City Guide
37 Rentals Found

Oshawa Apartments, Condos & Houses For Rent

37 Rentals Found

  • $1,700 3 Bd 3 Ba 1000ft2


    1800 Simcoe Street North

    None 1800 Simcoe Street North Oshawa, ON - L1G 4X9
    3 Bd 3 Ba 1000ft2
  • $1,709 2 Bd 1 Ba


    95 Quebec Street

    95 Quebec Street 95 Quebec Street Oshawa, ON - L1H 2K6
    2 Bd 1 Ba
  • Oshawa City Guide

    A quaint family-oriented city with affordable rents.

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  • $1,676 - $1,919 1 - 2 Bd 1 Ba


    290-300 Mary Street North

    290-300 Mary Street North 290-300 Mary Street North Oshawa, ON - L1G 5C8
    1 - 2 Bd 1 Ba
  • $2,150 2 Bd 3 Ba 1400ft2


    2000 Simcoe Street North

    None 2000 Simcoe Street North Oshawa, ON - L1H 7K4
    2 Bd 3 Ba 1400ft2
  • $1,500 1 Bd 1 Ba


    412 Simcoe Street North

    None 412 Simcoe Street North Oshawa, ON - L1G 4T6
    1 Bd 1 Ba
  • $1,475 1 Bd 1 Ba 850ft2


    277 Adelaide Avenue West

    None 277 Adelaide Avenue West Oshawa, ON - L1J 2R4
    1 Bd 1 Ba 850ft2
  • $779 - $1,100 0 - 2 Bd 1 Ba 269-517ft2


    161 Athol St, E

    161 Athol St. E 161 Athol St, E Oshawa, ON - L1H 1K2
    0 - 2 Bd 1 Ba 269-517ft2
  • $1,495 2 Bd 1 Ba


    1124 Glenbourne Drive

    None 1124 Glenbourne Drive Oshawa, ON - L1K 0B8
    2 Bd 1 Ba
  • $1,799 2 Bd 1 Ba


    380 Gibb St

    380 Gibb St 380 Gibb St Oshawa, ON - l1j1z3
    2 Bd 1 Ba
  • $1,950 3 Bd 1 Ba


    100 Rideau Street

    100 Rideau 100 Rideau Street Oshawa, ON - L1J 6P5
    3 Bd 1 Ba

Oshawa Overview

Property Type Listings Average
Apartment 26 $1560
House 6 $2035
Condo 3 $1733
Basement 1 $1700
Room 1 $700

Property Categories

Category Listings Average

City of Oshawa A family-oriented and affordable suburban haven

The "automotive capital of Canada" is the home of the country's General Motors assembly centre, which is the city of 150,000's (CMA population 356,000) biggest employer. Hence, large sections of the city are decidedly blue-collar and rents are far lower in Oshawa than in other regions of the Greater Toronto Area. In addition to cheaper rents, Oshawa residents have excellent recreational amenities at their doorsteps, including Lakeview Park's sandy beach along Lake Ontario, as well as the McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve. At 60 kilometres east of downtown Toronto, commuting either by car or by public transit is a chore, but the city's employers offer great work opportunities, meaning staying in town is a definite possibility. The south side of town has more apartments and lower-income families and immigrants, while the north's bigger suburban homes and sprawling streets are for those in higher-paying positions.

Who Lives Here

The young and able. Partly because of its blue-collar workforce, the population of Oshawa is pretty young compared to other areas in the GTA. But blue collar doesn't mean low wages here, as many employees of Oshawa's biggest employers win big dollars.

Perfect for…

Families wanting to take advantage of low housing prices and excellent access to public schools and post-secondary education.

Not-so-perfect for…

Lovers of the status-quo, who will feel disrupted by the rapid change happening in Oshawa, and the number of cranes in the skyline. Conservatives may not love the diversity of Oshawa.

Life and Style

There's no better way to spend the summer than taking full advantage of Lakeview Park, which runs along the Lake Ontario shoreline and is fully covered by a sandy beach. Couples and the young families of Oshawa, as well as the city's seniors, spend warm afternoons here in the summer, and in winter, too. Wonderful sports facilities, walking trails, public pools and the wildlife reservations make up some of the other great recreational options in town; Oshawa has, for years, produced the best players and teams in the country for hockey, basketball, lacrosse and rugby. Festivals are present in Oshawa be it spring, summer, winter or fall, the most prolific being Fiesta Week and the Maple Syrup Festival.

Housing Market

Downtown Oshawa has quite a few well-preserved Tudor and Edwardian homes, but in general, the housing types in Oshawa are very mixed. Downtown has also seen a recent influx of new high- and mid-rise condo development. Most of the new developments, though, are concentrated in the north, although the south hasn't been forgotten, attracting renters and buyers with a bit more money who seek homes with yards. Throughout, Oshawa neighbourhoods tend to be low-density, with detached bungalows being the standard for local homes.

Avg. rent by type and size

Bach/studio: $870
1-bedroom: $933
2-bedroom: $1,073
3-bedroom: $1,350
Avg. rent compared to other Toronto-area towns and regions Oshawa is 22% lower than GTA average

Typical housing type

Lower-cost bungalows and apartments


Sports are a big deal in Oshawa, being home of the Oshawa Generals in the OHL – that's the one that brought up Bobby Orr. Residents of Oshawa dine at some great restaurants, such as Cyrus or Teddy’s Restaurant and Deli, then wash it down with a drink at the city's bars, like Shoeless Joe's or Riley's. People can catch a movie in one of the awesome theatres in town including the Regent Theatre.

  • Lakeview Park
  • Oshawa harbor
  • General Motors Company assembly plant
  • Columbus

    With just a single bus route serving the community, cars rule the roadways in rural Columbus in Oshawa. Homes here are large, with up to five bedrooms each and there are few amenities like restaurants or shops in the area.

  • Lake Vista Park

    Lake Vista Park neighbourhood is situated on Emerald Avenue, near its junction with Cedar Street. Its southern edge touches Lake Ontario. Lake Vista Park's amenities include a sizable two-level clubhouse rental, a playground, soccer field and a softball diamond.

  • Kedron

    The location of Kedron Dells Golf Club and Kedron Public School, this neighbourhood bordered by the East Branch of the Oshawa Creek and Ritson Road North to the west. It's one of Oshawa's most sought-after communities, with big, pricey homes and nice parks.

  • East Whitby

    East Whitby, despite its name, is part of Oshawa. There are several housing co-ops located here, near Pringle Creek Park.