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Pickering Apartments, Condos & Houses For Rent

City Guide
7 Rentals Found

Pickering Apartments, Condos & Houses For Rent

7 Rentals Found

  • $2,900 3 Bd 4 Ba 2172ft2


    Gull Crossing

    None Gull Crossing Pickering, ON - L1W
    3 Bd 4 Ba 2172ft2
  • $1,150 1 Bd 1 Ba 600ft2


    873 Naroch Boulevard

    None 873 Naroch Boulevard Pickering, ON - L1W 1T1
    1 Bd 1 Ba 600ft2
  • Pickering City Guide

    Fantastic for families looking for a charming rural city to call home!

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  • $1,780 3 Bd 1 Ba


    1865 Glenanna Road

    Pickering Place Apartments 1865 Glenanna Road Pickering, ON - L1V 3V5
    3 Bd 1 Ba
  • $1,900 1 Bd 1 Ba 1000ft2


    2319 Wildwood Crescent

    None 2319 Wildwood Crescent Pickering, ON - L1X 2N1
    1 Bd 1 Ba 1000ft2
  • $1,450 2 Bd 1 Ba 900ft2


    873 Naroch Boulevard

    None 873 Naroch Boulevard Pickering, ON - L1W 1T1
    2 Bd 1 Ba 900ft2
  • $1,795 1 Bd 1 Ba 850ft2


    953 Vistula Drive

    None 953 Vistula Drive Pickering, ON - L1W 2L7
    1 Bd 1 Ba 850ft2
  • $4,000 4 Bd 3 Ba 2200ft2


    1121 Cactus Crescent

    None 1121 Cactus Crescent Pickering, ON - L1X 2R2
    4 Bd 3 Ba 2200ft2

Pickering Overview

Property Type Listings Average
House 3 $2933
Apartment 2 $1465
Basement 2 $1622

Property Categories

Category Listings Average

City of Pickering Paradoxically a rural city of charming villages and ghost towns

Identified as one of Durham region's urban growth areas, people who live in, or are moving to, Pickering can expect big changes in the near future around the Nautical Village and other south side commercial nodes. The city doesn't have a downtown, but the entertainment district is decidedly in the Nautical Village, where you'll find charming homes, storefronts and cafes near the water's edge. Just off shore, people strolling along the lakefront can see vessels of all shapes and sizes moored in Frenchman's Bay. In terms of employment opportunities, Pickering's biggest driver of the local economy is the Nuclear Generating Station, but many residents commute out of the city to jobs in other GTA cities. As such, local roads are a nightmare during peak times, despite sections with 10 lanes or more. Altona, a Mennonite ghost town, is located in Pickering.

Who Lives Here

Families, singles, seniors, commuters and everything in between. Thanks to ample job opportunities, a charming downtown area, decent public transit and tons of roadways, Pickering either has it all or is close enough to offer it all.

Perfect for…

Families. With all the amenities a family could dream of, like playground and water features for children, good schools, and the Nautical Village's great cafe, restaurant and trendy shop culture for the grown-ups, Pickering is idyllic for many.

Not-so-perfect for…

Commuters. Traffic jams are a daily occurrence, making Pickering a pain for people who like a short trip to work, or value peace and quiet.

Life and Style

Pickering residents have a great shot at balancing work, life and play. The Nautical Village is the perfect tourist destination, especially during the summer, attracting festivals, markets and outdoor performances. Pickering is an awesome place for nature lovers, with its trails, parks, and rural hamlets. The city's parks provide venues for community sports or recreational activities such as cricket, baseball, football, beach volleyball and bocce, and the city puts on its own not-for-profit events throughout the year. The best-attended festival is the Pickering Village Jam Festival, which constitutes three nights and days of music and entertainment. Plus, getting around by bike is a strong possibility, depending on your home neighbourhood's distance from work.

Housing Market

Houses in Pickering range from low-cost accommodation to luxurious flats. There is student housing and rental apartments for tenants of all budgets. Pickering has executive condominiums to rent and houses to sell as well. Most of the houses, especially those in Headingly, are Victorian and Edwardian terraced homes and have the advantage of easy access to shops, bars and restaurants.

Avg. rent by housing type and size

Bach/studio: $900
1-bedroom: $950
2-bedroom: $1,056
3-bedroom: $1,660
Avg. rent compared to other Toronto-area towns and regions
Pickering is 14% lower than GTA average.

Typical housing type

Nice two-stories, plus condos and apartment buildings.


The city's northern regions remain home to a number of rural communities, which are reserved for agricultural purposes, including Brougham, Claremont and Whitevale. Its attractions range from the great lake and Frenchman's Bay, to great boardwalks and free musical entertainment. Durham regional roads serve the transportation needs of the city, running from north to south. Residents have access to restaurants, mainly located in the Nautical Village, such as Big M Burgers, which is number one in the city and is well-known for its fantastic burgers. Night entertainment is courtesy of premier nightclubs and lounges like the Fox Goes Free. Pickering Town Centre is a two-story shopping centre with trendy stores for those who care to stay away from the independent shops in the Nautical Village.

  • Pickering Nuclear Generating Station
  • Yorkville Sound
  • Pickering Town Centre
  • Nautical Village
  • Brougham

    A neighbourhood in decline, Brougham has lost most of its residents and businesses in recent years, after Highway 407 was extended through this part of Pickering and even more so when the area was identified as the possible site for a future airport.

  • Claremont

    Historic homes and suburban areas make up Claremont, which is surrounded by quiet forests and farmland.

  • Whitevale

    Whitevale is a hamlet in Pickering that is family-friendly and still somewhat rural. It has nice detached homes on big lots and locally owned shops, like an ice cream store and a golf course.