Ridgeford Community Homes - 23 Thunder Grove - Scarborough, ON M1V 2M2

$1,401 - $1,801

Ridgeford Community Homes - 23 Thunder Grove
Scarborough, ON M1V 2M2

1,401 ‐ 1,801
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Updated: Jan. 27, 2021

About Ridgeford Community Homes

Coming Soon - Ridgeford Community Homes –  AFFORDABLE HOUSING INITIATIVE,  in partnership with the City of Toronto & Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Expression of Interest – Closing Date January 25, 2020 at 5pm

Affordable Rental Application Requirements will need to be met.  An application will be provided to you separately outlining these requirements in detail. 

Some of the requirements include; that each member of the household is A Canadian Citizen, or a permanent resident of Canada or has applied for permanent resident status or a refugee claimant of Convention Refugee.  As well, at initial occupancy, each household must have income that does not exceed four times the annual equivalent of the Monthly Occupancy Cost of the unit.  A minimum of one and a maximum of two persons per bedroom; and a maximum of one bedroom for spouses.

Once the deadline has passed, all applicants names will be included in a random draw process, applicants will be contacted in order, based on the highest ranking based on the unit type selected.

All randomly chosen applicants will be contacted by email or phone by January 29, 2021.  At which point, we would kindly request that the application details be provided for review.


NOTE: only one application per household will be considered

Utilities Included:

  • Heat