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If you are searching for rental houses and apartments in Toronto you have found the right place to look. Here you can find all kinds of apartments and houses for rent in various parts of Toronto. All listings show their rent rates and addresses along with photo galleries of every apartment or house listed.

What Types of Toronto Rental Apartments are Available?

There is a range of apartments and houses available depending on the preference and number of people to live in the home. There are bachelor and studio apartments for one or two people. For people who want more space you can find one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments. Also available are duplex and triplex apartments for those who need staircases and some altitude for a good view. There are other people who want to live where they work and such apartments can also be found in Toronto and Ontario; they come complete with restaurants, offices and retail shops on some floors. For people who want to enjoy luxurious apartments there are several lofts to suit their needs. Families are also welcome to search for family-sized houses and bungalows around the area.

What are The Average Rent Rates for Apartments and Houses in Toronto?

The rents for apartments and houses in Toronto vary depending on the apartment type, size and area the apartment is located in. For bachelor apartments the rent ranges between $ 500 and $800 a month. For one bedroom apartments you should expect to pay $600-$1000 every month. Two bedroom apartments range from $750 to $1200 and three bedroom and other apartments generally require over $900. Search and find rental apartments that fit your needs and budget.

What Parts of Toronto are Rental Apartments available in?

The rentals herein are found in the east, central and west parts of Toronto. In east Toronto there are over twenty rentals available each given with its address. The central parts of Toronto also have over forty houses and apartments and they also have addresses to match. In west Toronto one can find over twenty rentals to choose from. Along with the addresses, there are photo tours for each house so that one doesn’t have to visit all of them.

Start Your Search for Toronto Apartments Now!

The easiest and quickest way to find preferred rentals here is to type in the avenue or street one is looking for along with the area of part of Toronto they want to live in for example, Long Boat Avenue, Toronto Central; if one already has specific locations. Otherwise one can go through the houses and apartments on each part. People can now enjoy the convenient way to find rental homes and apartments in Toronto and Ontario.

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