3 of the best 2016 fall activities in Toronto

It’s getting colder and more forbidding lately and heading out for a night on the town is more difficult than it used to be. Fighting with heavy coats, scarves, and the elements themselves isn’t something that interests everyone, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. Even though it’s getting colder, you can still have lots of fun in a city as big as Toronto! From outdoor activities to all kinds of indoor fun, the city really opens up and has a life of its own in the fall months. Here are some great activities you can get up to right before winter hits!

Sorauren Park Pumpkin Parade

Every November 1, the Souraren Park Pumpkin Parade happens, and it’s one of the coolest events in the city. Not only that, it’s totally free! The idea is that anyone can come, carve a pumpkin, then put it on display for the night, where every one of them are lit up along the path, giving the entire scene a really fantastic, pumpkin-y glow. Whether you’re interested in participating yourself, or are simply looking to go for a great, entertaining walk, the Pumpkin Parade is a great way to get out of the house and have a great time.

Toronto Zombie Walk

Another great outdoor event, this time with lots more people and lots more costumes. If you love the idea of going a little crazy in public and having lots of fun, then a zombie walk is totally right up your alley. Whether you want to dress up and go nuts, moaning and groaning at everyone passing by or someone who just wants to follow the fun and have a good time, these zombie walks are sure to tailor to the big kid inside of you!

The Everything To Do With Sex Show

For a really unconventional and interesting time, you can’t do any better than going to a sex show! Everything from entertainment (dance numbers and standup) to stores and shops, to classes and informational sessions, the Everything To Do With Sex Show caters to everyone and all comfort levels. Spend some time at a class learning some new techniques or even head into the kinky playroom for the adventurous. If nothing else, you’re guaranteed to have an original and entertaining time! There’s no better place to meet interesting people or bring a solid crew of friends.


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