3 of Toronto’s best gelato spots

With the summer coming to a close, it’s important to go out with a bang! One of the best ways to celebrate the warmth and fun of summer is with ice cream, and GOOD ice cream is more important. Getting a tub of Ben and Jerry’s is one thing, but for those true connoisseurs who demand the best, gelato is the only way to go. Ice cream is great, but nothing beats a well-made gelato! Here are some great places in town for you to try as you celebrate the last days of heat and sun.

La Paloma

The perfect place to relax on St. Claire Avenue West, this lovely combination gelato and Café has everything you need to spend a quiet day having a great time. The location has a ton of space and natural light and feels extremely comfortable to eat in, and of course, the gelato on sale is absolutely to die for. Hand-made and in delicious flavours like coffee or pistachio, La Paloma has it all and is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

Hotel Gelato

A fantastic location at Eglinton West, Hotel Gelato has it all from breakfast and lunch and a wine list to boot. Not to mention their excellent gelato, of course! If you’re looking for a more involved experience, one where you could bring your best friend (or current Tinder date!) for a remarkable time you won’t forget, Hotel Gelato is definitely you go-to location. Have a great lunch, like a spinach and goat cheese panini and then go to town on their delicious gelato. Of course, having a glass of wine or two will certainly make the rest of the day even better!

Lola’s Gelato

Located on Brookers Lane, this one of a kind gelato establishment is a perfect place to get a quick bite to eat, like a Breakfast cookie (packed full of nuts, berries and peanut butter!) and an even quicker and more delicious scoop of gelato. The best part? Lola’s has delicious daily flavours so you can have a new experience every time you go! They post all their new flavours on their Facebook page, so try and check it out before you go – otherwise, have fun and see what you stumble upon!

It’s not too late to make the best of the rest of summer, and one of the best ways to do that is to eat something delicious!

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