3 places to get your cinnamon bun fix in Toronto

We’ve all had it before – that undeniable compulsion to procure sweet, delicious pastries. Sometimes it gets too hard to think and you really just need to hit the spot with a great donut or, better yet, a cinnamon bun.

If you’ve ever wondered where to go in Toronto to get the best cinnamon buns you’ll ever eat, here’s a short list of a few of the best places. Pull up your buffet pants and try these three spots:

Beaches Bake Shop and Cafe

This quaint and authentic Finnish bakery on 900 Kingston is your premiere stop for great, unique food that you won’t really find anywhere else. Not only do they carry all kinds of breads and Finnish food (great for that meatball craving!), but they have their own delicious cinnamon buns as well. Unlike the traditional western cinnamon bun (gooey, sticky, covered in icing), these ones are much more modest and elegant – no oozing icing, just a nice sprinkle of rock sugar on the top. Definitely a great way to satisfy cravings while not feeling too badly for doing so!


With freshly baked sticky buns every morning for their breakfast/brunch menu, Chadwick’s on 268 Howland is a fantastic location to set that morning snack before you skip off to work. Not only do they have a great baker, but their entire menu is sure to please. They also have a really great interior and wonderful patio space if you have time to relax and have an easygoing morning. Of course, no restaurant would be complete without a bar, and Chadwick’s has a great stock of bevvies for sale if you’re looking for a nice lunch or dinner spot. Definitely one of the best places to get a great meal any time of day!

Mabel’s Bakery

This cozy little store on 323 Roncesvalles is the go-to place for that gooey, sticky, messy cinnamon bun you’ve been dying to bite into for weeks. Run by a native Toronto couple, this bakery has seen business for years and never disappoints its customers. They have a wide range of baked goods, including great cupcakes and pies, and freshly baked bread, so no matter what carby goodness you’re looking for, you can get it here. It really is the perfect place to do a little shopping for your home and still have a great, sinful treat!

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