5 places to get Christmas gifts on the cheap in Toronto

With the Christmas season upon us and the day itself coming in faster than we’d expect, some of us are scrambling to find great places for gifts, but also places that provide reasonable prices. Sometimes, local stores provide just that – great gifts for prices that won’t break the bank! Here are some great ideas for shops to get that special something for that special someone.


This store on 401 Richmond, is a retail store for the magazine of the same name. It’s got a wide range of neat clothes to more simple things like buttons and cards. The store itself is a really interesting space – a basement suite that looks something like a garage-band recording room, and it really gives it some charm.

Kid Icarus

This cozy little store at 205 Augusta some great home décor and prints that anyone would love to have. This stationary/gift shop is also a print service for a variety of functions, including poster prints for your band or wedding invitations – so even if you can’t find that perfect gift, you may be able to get something custom made!

I Have a Crush on You

This strange, eclectic space at 51 Jefferson is way more than a simple gift shop. This amazingly fashionable space has a wide range of goods from wacky greeting cards to a china plate with Rob Ford’s face on it. When you’re looking for that special, crazy something for someone in your life that would appreciate it, this is the place to be!

Labour of Love

If you’re looking for an adorable boutique with all kinds of kitschy interest, handmade jewellery and all kinds of lifestyle products, this is the place to be! It might not be as cheap as finding a gift for someone at Value Village, but the character this store brings to any stocking is worth more than a little extra change. Swing by the store at 223 Carlton and check it out for yourself – you might end up shopping more for yourself!

Likely General

A true general store, the variety of things here range from children’s toys to kitchen accessories and everything in between. It’s impossible NOT to find something here, because the ranges and styles appeal to pretty much everyone! The store is located at 389 Roncevalles and is definitely worth the trip to visit.

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