Hibernating sucks: How to avoid the winter blahs in Toronto

You know how it is – the snow starts falling and we all fall ill with a wicked case of the winter “blahs”. You know what we’re talking about: sitting at home on a cold winter’s day, bored to tears, but you really can’t be bothered to venture outside for a cure. But hey, Toronto’s full of awesome stuff to do in the winter, so lace up those snow boots on and check out these 2 awesome things to do when you want to avoid the winter blahs in Toronto:

  1. Sweet Jesus!


Offering tasty soft-serve concoctions like the S’mores Latté and the Breakfast of Champions (bacon bits, maple whipped cream and hazelnut chips on top of coffee), plus winner of the creepiest website in Toronto, this newcomer on the block in the Entertainment District whips up some seriously tasty treats for adventurous caffeine-seekers. When you feel the winter blahs starting to creep up, make your way over to “Starbucks on crack”.


Mon: 7am – 10pm
Tues – Sat: 7am – 11pm
Sun: 9am – 10pm


106 John Street


  1. Rise and Grind


If you want to work out but hate going to the gym in the morning (like 99.99% of us), there’s a much better alternative. Get your coffee on while you dance away to some of the hippest local DJs on Monday and Wednesday mornings with Mornin’ Grind. Each session takes place at a different coffee shop somewhere in TO and includes fresh coffee, juices and all the dancing you can handle. Check the schedule http://www.morningrind.com/workshops/?view=calendar&month=November-2015 to see where and when you can hop on board.





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