8 life-saving Toronto winter hacks

End of November? Already? We all know what that means: Winter’s coming. In Toronto, we’re pretty good at winter, but parts of the snowy season still suck pretty badly.

Cope with winter like a pro with these Toronto winter hacks.

  1. Make wool insoles for your boots. Pick up a chunk of wool or felt from a fabric store and cut around your boots’ insoles to get the shape and size right. No more cold toes from walking from the subway to the office!
  2. Stuck with street parking? Cover your windshield wipers with socks before you leave the car for the night so they don’t freeze to the glass!
  3. Maximize your radiator’s heat-giving powers by putting tin foil on the wall behind it.
  4. Bring a blanket to work. Put it on your lap or wear it like a shawl to stay warm if your office is freezing. Consider fingerless gloves, too.
  5. Layers. They’re not only stylish, they’re very helpful when the bus is late because of icy roads and you’re stuck waiting on Sherbourne and Richmond for about 25 minutes.
  6. Commute in long johns. You can take them off when you get to the office.
  7. Get great food for lunch without having to trudge through the snow. Team up with a handful of coworkers and use a lunchtime delivery service, such as Food.ee to bring food to you.
  8. Uber when possible. No more need to warm up the car for 20 minutes before leaving the apartment.
Erin Cardone

Born on the Prairies, Erin Cardone grew up knowing there was more to life than canola fields and AAA Alberta Angus. So she escaped, living in Europe and Australia, white-knuckling it through plates of calf brains and raw horse meat, and learning languages she can't remember anymore. After a stint as a jaded, skeptical journalist, she changed tack and began writing rather awesome blogs and showing businesses that advertising is dead, so long live social media, with her businesses Legendary Social Media. She now splits her time between various Canadian cities, Costa Rica and wherever else the wind blows.

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