Thinking of living in downtown Toronto? 4 reasons to make it happen NOW

Lots of people want to live downtown TO, but decide that prices are too high, living spaces are too small and there are too many difficulties with the whole idea. They want to live somewhere smaller and more affordable, which makes sense, but it doesn’t satisfy that thirst for the vibrant city life that a lot of people crave. So why should you live downtown? Here are four key reasons.

Close to transit

Firstly, one of the best things about living in the downtown core of any city, but Toronto especially, is the ease of use of the transit services that are all near your apartment. No matter where you are, there is a way to get to exactly where you need to be within minutes of walking. From all the bus stops, to the TTC subway and rail systems, downtown can be a lot quicker to travel around than you think.

Close to work

One of the most common reasons for living downtown is to be close to work. This makes a whole lot of sense – why would anyone want to commute for hours at a time when you could just walk to work (or to a transit stop!) in far less time, for far less money? Some of the best jobs are downtown, so it makes sense to live near them. Not only that, there’s the added benefit of already being downtown after a long day at the office, so getting to hang out and drink with work friends makes your job a lot more easy to manage! Here’s some suggestions for places to go.

Close to culture

Everything awesome happens downtown. No one is driving to Guelph to watch the newest concert or to Mississauga to see a great fashion show. Being close to the pulse of the city ensures that the latest and greatest cultural events are yours to consume at your leisure, so eat it up and regret nothing!

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Considering what you pay for, it’s more affordable than you think

Of course people will complain about how expensive downtown is, but instead of thinking of rent as just a number, think of it more in terms of what it gives you – easier access to all the great things happening in Toronto, from arts and life to food and drink. You may pay more in rent, but what you get back is worth more than just money. Plus, you might save enough on gas to make it all worthwhile. Life happens in the city and being around to capitalize on it is a fantastic deal.

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