Art Out and About Toronto – Roam the ROM

What: ROM day- and night-life events not to be missed!
Where: Royal Ontario Museum
When: All-day, all-night, baby

The ROM never stops! It goes all day, all night. Well, kinda sorta. In reality, it only goes from 10:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Sunday, then closes (it’s a museum, museums go to sleep early, they’re old ya know).

But come, take my hand, I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you’re very lucky and listen ever so closely, you’ll see the ROM come alive once more!

On a few select, magical nights every year, the ROM awakens after 5:30pm and allows select night-loving patrons access.

How can you be selected to be a select patron? Which are the select nights? What will you do while at the ROM if selected? Well, keep listening reading and I’ll make sure to let you in on these prized secrets.

What are the select nights?

There are three distinct nighttime events the ROM hosts:
ROM Friday Night Live (19+)
ROM New Year’s Eve (first time EVER this year!) (19+)
ROM Sleepovers (ages 5 and up)


Friday night live: 7pm-11pm
Last Friday of September – Last Friday of November
First Friday of February – Last Friday of June

Sleepovers: Friday 5pm-Saturday 10am
Once per month

New Year’s Eve:
9pm-2am, ummm Dec 31.

How to get tickets?

Click here!


Events sell out fast so make sure to get your tickets early and arrive early. If you’ve ever been around the Museum on a Friday night when Friday Night Live is happening, you’ll know that the lineups go around the block, and it’s a big block.

The rundown:

These ROM events allow you to see most of the exhibitions, dance (or not-dance), and socialize. There are DJs, artists, performers, food vendors and more; no two nighttime ROM events are the same. The kid-friendly sleepovers are just as fun, but, a touch more age-appropriate and feature karaoke and getting to touch exhibits, bad-ass!!!
If you’re 19+ it allows you to enjoy delicious alcoholic beverages, and if you’re not, or perhaps alcohol isn’t your cup of tea, then you can always eat. Plus, you’re in the museum at night! C’mon does it get ANY cooler than that?!?! The answer is a resounding NO, in case you weren’t sure.

One last important thing to note! Make sure to catch the Chihuly exhibition (which you can luckily see during the events mentioned above) on right now until January 8th! His magnificent glass work is a sensory experience not to be missed or forgotten. You can also catch Chihuly during the ROM’s daytime hours, of course.


Chihuly Images from left to right:

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