5 reasons why you need to move to Toronto

As one of the fastest growing cities in North America, Toronto is more and more becoming the place to be in Canada. From its awesome diversity and culture to its massive growth and reputation, Toronto is taking over as epicentre of everything great going on in this country. So when you’re looking at places to live, here are some reasons you should consider Toronto over anywhere else:

It’s safe

In terms of major metropolitan areas, Toronto ranks as one of the safest of them all. With only 2 homicides per 100,000 people and with only 200 or so robberies per 100,000, Toronto ranks higher than New York, Boston and Chicago. For most comparable cities, this is far and away better and Toronto is unique for this.

It’s the most diverse place in the world

With over 51% of residents being born outside of Canada and 47% of residents having English as a second language, Toronto is one of the most diverse multicultural areas in the world. This is good because the mix of people, ideas and cultures is amazingly beautiful and super convenient – want a great Indian curry, then a huge churro to chase it down with? Toronto’s the place for you!

It’s growing

Toronto is just going up and getting bigger by the day. The cultural scene is growing and changing, the jobs are getting more and more numerous and the city itself is expanding and growing to accommodate all kinds of change. In terms of living on the cutting edge, it’s easily the most happening place in Canada, and it’s going to continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Toronto knows how to party

With all those awesome people comes all the awesome parties that entails! Whether you want a chill wine-sipping experience or an energetic club, Toronto has it all and caters to everyone. You’ll never be bored in this city, no matter what time of day it is!

It’s a cultural haven

Often passed over when people consider the city, but due to the growth, the diverse influence of styles and cultures and the fact Toronto caters to all kinds of expression, the culture in the city is amazing and you’ll never be left without some kind of influence. All the museums, galleries, theatres, events and people are just waiting to be discovered!

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Born on the Prairies, Erin Cardone grew up knowing there was more to life than canola fields and AAA Alberta Angus. So she escaped, living in Europe and Australia, white-knuckling it through plates of calf brains and raw horse meat, and learning languages she can't remember anymore. After a stint as a jaded, skeptical journalist, she changed tack and began writing rather awesome blogs and showing businesses that advertising is dead, so long live social media, with her businesses Legendary Social Media. She now splits her time between various Canadian cities, Costa Rica and wherever else the wind blows.

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