BBQ, burgers and fried chicken: 6 of the best American-style restaurants in Toronto

Torontonians, and Canadians in general, like to give Americans a hard time for their absolutely appalling caloric intake where classic American-style food is involved. But the problem is, it’s so damn good. Fried chicken, ribs, fries, big sloppy burgers and fried other stuff (pickles, jalapeno poppers, etc.) may be a heart attack waiting to happen, but it’s so delicious it’s hard not to crave – especially when you’re suffering from a hangover. Every once in a while, you just gotta put your arteries to work, and in celebration of slabs of meat and deep fryers everywhere, here are 6 of the best American food restaurants in Toronto.

Electric Mud BBQ

Take Queen Street W west of Dufferin to Brock to find Electric Mud BBQ, full of eclectic, vintage kitsch and an insane wall of cartoon-y graffiti in the back. The seating is basically a bunch of picnic tables, but the food is great and they have pretty stellar drink specials. Go for the fried chicken, crack rolls and – believe it or not – buffalo cauliflower.

The Stockyards

There’s something about places with tiny menus being able to perfect what they serve. That’s the deal at the Stockyards on St. Clair – the menu is tiny and they’re only open for lunch and Sunday brunch, but the food is wicked, especially the fried chicken.

Barque Smokehouse

Barque on Roncesvalles is a TO favourite for meat. Their ribs, brisket sandwich, grilled chicken, wings and duck tacos are all amazing. Oh, and they’re open for brunch.

The White Brick Kitchen

Making a name for itself as a brunch destination on the border of Koreatown, the White Brick excels at Scotch eggs, fried chicken and bacon – theirs is made of beef. The place is very casual and gets crazy busy on weekends.

Big Crow

Between the shipping container, picnic tables and wood-fired smoker, the Big Crow on Dupont is super casual and completely outdoors, so bundle up in winter. Then line your bones with some good ol’ BBQ meat, fried chicken and a few uncommon offerings like duck confit fries, quail, salmon, octopus and rainbow trout. Open for brunch.


This trendy little joint in Riverdale does an amazing job at meat. Ribs, brisket, pulled pork, fried chicken and fries are some of their best offerings, and although the portions aren’t huge, they’re filling enough.

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