Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: A very sexy upholstered bed frame

We spend tons of time in our beds, so having a nice place to sleep is definitely worth it. Upholstered beds give an especially cozy feel, but who the heck can afford a designer version, like Pottery Barn’s Raleigh upholstered bed for $1,199 and the EQ3 Bento upholstered bed that will run you $749.

No thanks. So today’s Ikea hack will show you how to make your own upholstered bed that’s not too difficult, doesn’t require you to own a saw or a sewing machine, looks great, and in all should only cost a total of $350. Mattress not included, friends.


  1. The parts. You’ll need
  • Fjellse bed frame – $99.00 for double
  • Enough felt, canvas wool or other sturdy textile to cover the entire surface of the bed frame. Minimum 4 yds – about $100
  • Enough batting to cover the entire surface of the bed frame, try Amazon – about $60
  • Plywood to cover the headboard, try this – about $30
  • Tapered wood legs made from wood like this, cut to about 12 inches at a hardware store – about $20
  • Nails
  • Staple gun
  • Tons of 1/4″staples
  • Wood stain


  1. Do it.
    First, stain the legs and when they’re dry, attach them to the inside corners of the bed frame on all four sides with sturdy nails. Next, you’re going to cover the ugly Ikea version of the headboard with the plywood you bought. Use nails to attach it to the Ikea headboard and make sure it lines up perfectly with the original headboard.

Your next step is to cover the entire bed frame, except the legs, with enough batting to make the frame nice and puffy, but make sure the thickness of the batting is even. Attach it to the frame using staples.

Now, cut your canvas or other upholstery textile to size to fit the headboard. Staple it so it’s tight around the sides and top. Upholstering the back of the headboard, which goes against the wall, is up to you.

The last step is the hard part. Cover the rest of the bed in your fabric. The tough part is in the corners, so read the original blog about how to make it look nice. Basically, pulling everything really tight is going to make this bed look unreal, but you’ll also want to figure out where your seams will go. That consistency will help improve the look, too.

That’s it! You’ve got yourself a DIY upholstered bed that you can be pretty proud of!

Source: Manhattan Nest

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