Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: Amp up your shoe storage game

Shoes. They’re everywhere. It’s like a can’t-live-with-them, can’t-live-without-them situation. Since the truth is we can’t live without them, but our tiny Toronto apartments don’t usually have a ton of space for shoe storage, we found this Ikea hack that solves your problem by maximizing your shoe rack situation, in a very stylish way!

Fair warning, this one isn’t as simple as last week’s Ikea hack. But if you’re a weekend warrior, this might be in the cards for you.

 The parts. You’ll need:

  • Kallax shelving unit – $99.99
  • Komplement shelf x 3-4 – currently on sale for $12.75 each
  • Table saw with double-sided melamine blade
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Wood glue
  • 2” deep C-clamps
  • A bunch (9-12) of small L-brackets
  • Hole filler

 Do it.

Cut the depth of the Kallax unit down to 12” by sawing off the back. Or, save yourself some work and just leave it the way it is if you’ve got the space. Now, measure out the height of your shoes and make a plan for the compartment heights (the shelving unit will likely rest lengthwise in your closet or entryway).

If you need to resize the Kallax unit, read the instructions here.

To install your shelving, your best bet is to carefully remove the current shelves, trying not to gouge the sides of the unit.

Use hole filler to touch up any areas that require it.

Measure you the new shelves that will go into the unit. You’re going to have the horizontal shelves run the entire way across, and add vertical supports to make the cubbies.Cut the pieces to size. Use the L-brackets to install the horizontal shelves first. Then, if you’ve done it right, you can just slide the vertical pieces into place.

Source: Pictures by Mom

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