Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: Pretty, easy Christmas shadowboxes

Stores, lightposts and websites around the world, including in Toronto, have had their Christmas spirit on full display for several weeks now. If your home is distinctly lacking that holiday cheer due to a clear lack of Christmas decor, today’s Ikea Hack is for you.

Steer clear of the store-bought, status quo Christmas decor that everyone else has and DIY it! Here’s how to make Christmas shadowboxes to dress up your walls for the season.

  1. The parts. You’ll need
  • Ribba photo frames, square – $18.99
  • Random Christmassy decor. Plastic trees, Santa figurines, reindeer figurines, miniature Christmas presents, fake snow or cotton, LED tealights, etc.
  • Picture hanging kit
  1. Do it. We were inspired by this Ikea Hackers post with several variations on how to decorate your Christmas shadowboxes.
  • Pick up as many of the Ribba frames as you’ll need to decorate your walls. Take them apart by removing the glass, the paper backing and, if you want, the matte. If you leave the matte in, push it to the front of the frame, and decorate behind the matte to create the shadowbox. First, though, attach a suitable backing behind the matte, where the glass used to go. This could be just a painted piece of paper, to make a nice background for your shadowbox.
  • Now install your Christmas decorations on the ledge of the frame. Fasten them to the ledge with glue when possible so that little bumps and breezes don’t knock the items off the ledge.
  • Mount the frames to the wall with the picture hanging kit. Hang a string of tiny Christmas lights over the frame for a little extra cheer.

Do you have other DIY Christmas decor ideas? Share them below!

Merry Christmas from the TorontoRentals team!

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