Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: The easiest way to chic-up a cheap Ikea desk

Oh Ikea. So practical. Not so pretty.

Ikea desks are basically ideal for your apartment in Toronto – they’re cheap, small and easy to move. What they’re not, is chic.

So here’s a really cheap and easy way to inject chic-ness into your desk to help your apartment look better overall!


The parts. You’ll need:

  • Ikea trestle desk – go for the Linnmon/Oddvald combo, or Linnmon/Finnvard to get a version with shelves – $69.99-105.99 each
  • Marble-effect paper or vinyl, try this – $22.99
  • White paint
  • Lacquer or varnish if you opt for the paper
  • Paint-on glue if you opt for the paper


Do it.

If your table comes with black legs, consider painting them white. To do so, disassemble the desk, paint the legs assembly and let dry before reassembling.

Measure out and cut the marble paper or vinyl so that it perfectly fits the top of the desk. The vinyl is self-adhesive, so stick it to the desktop, press firmly and let it sit, preferably with heavy-ish items on top, overnight. For the paper, apply a layer of glue to the desk top, then apply the paper carefully. Let dry overnight, then apply the lacquer or varnish over top to protect the paper.


Source: Livet Hemma

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