Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: Upholstered ottomans for your living room on the cheap

For some unknown reason, upholstered ottomans are ridiculously expensive. Honestly, some of them could cost you more than a couch, which really blows the ol’ mind. Luckily, Ikea has some cheap stuff that, lo and behold, can be transformed into pretty cool expensive-looking stuff, such as upholstered ottomans.

Thanks to the creative mind of Sarah M. Dorsey, you can even do it yourself pretty easily with this week’s Ikea hack.

Let’s get started!

  1. The parts. You’ll need
  1. Do it. Cut the foam to fit perfectly on the top of the Lack table by flipping the table upside down and cutting around the edges. Use a heavy-duty glue to attach the foam to the top of each table.

Cut the upholstery to size so it fits over the top and sides of the table. Secure it into place with the stapler. Then wrap each leg with the upholstery and fasten it at the bottom of each leg with a tidy finish.

Make a cording that will act as the top of the skirt for the ottoman by cutting a strip of fabric to wrap all around the outer edge of the ottoman and fold it over. Staple it into place with the attractive side up. Now cut the skirt to size so it goes all the way around the outside edge of the table. Give an extra 1″ at the top and sew or glue a hem along the bottom (so you’ll have a clean line) and each end of the skirt. Place the skirt along one edge of the table on its side and flip it up, stapling underneath so the staples won’t show when it’s flipped back over.

You can do some sewing as shown in the original blog, but some simple hemming and/or gluing still gives a clean result. All done!

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