The 10 cardinal sins of Toronto apartment decor that thou shalt not commit

We want your Toronto rental apartment to be as sexy as you! Don’t commit these 10 most common cardinal sins of apartment decorating! Instead, use these simple tips to create a home that’s organized, balanced, attractive and welcoming for guests, or just for your own peace of mind.

  1. Toilet rugs. Those mats that wrap around the base of your toilet are not only nasty as hell, they’re so 1990. Toss the toilet rug and go for a small, square bath mat instead.
  2. Exposed cords. Cords should be tucked behind furniture or fed through a cutely-painted tube to hide the horror within. Plus, it’ll keep them organized so it’s easier to find the one you need when the times comes.
  3. The wrong window coverings. Vertical blinds make an apartment feel like a hospital room, and aluminum blinds have no style. Instead, hang floor-to-ceiling curtains – they look much better, plus the length will help make your space feel bigger.
  4. Horrible original hardware. There’s no reason to feel stuck with the hardware you get – in fact, changing the knobs and pulls on furniture like dressers and on kitchen and bath cabinets is one of the most budget-friendly, impactful decor upgrades you can make.
  5. Undecorated entry. It’s the first impression of your home, so why leave it drab? Hang art, add a side table with flowers or photos and lay an attractive welcome mat.
  6. Oversized, puffy faux-leather couches. It’s amazing that those things still sell. Comfy or not, they’re the ultimate eyesore.
  7. Mismatched furniture. Only under the perfect circumstances can one get away with furniture that’s all different colours with no central theme. Don’t do it.
  8. Perfectly matched everything. Red couch, red rug, red table and chairs and red wallpaper is only going to send you to the looney bin.
  9. Unsymmetrical furniture. The way you place your furniture in a room can have a huge impact on how that room FEELS. Whenever possible, go for symmetry and balance, such as two identical chairs, side by side.
  10. Tons of clutter. Our apartments are small. Keeping them organized and not full of clutter is the best tip we can give you for having a comfortable, functional and welcoming apartment in Toronto!

Sources: HGTV, Real Simple

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