Deadmau5’s $5-million estate outside of Toronto is anything but what you’d expect from an EDM legend

On stage, Deadmau5 is so flashy and weird with that mouse helmet he wears, but when it comes time to get away from the EDM stage, Deadmau5 apparently prefers a style that’s more closely reminiscent of your super-rich great grandfather.

Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5’s real name) owns a grandiose $5-millon estate outside of Toronto in a town called Campbellville in the Halton region. Normally, the area is known as a tourist destination for GTA dwellers thanks to its amenities that harken back to the old days, like ice cream parlours, a race track and Mennonite furniture shops. Deadmau5 went along with the theme when he bought his 14,000 square foot castle-like mansion on 118 acres.

The house has a small swimming pool and pool house, a movie theatre, a three-car garage, four bedrooms and six bathrooms. He parks his $1-million McLaren P1 there from time to time.

Inside Deadmau5’s estate are hanging chandeliers, colourful handwoven area rugs, opulent pillows and enormous windows that look out on a very natural, treed landscape. The kitchen has dark wood cabinets and marble countertops

The exterior is covered in stone and the two-storey entranceway is flanked by massive Romanesque columns. The pool area is paved in stone as well and the landscaping is spectacular.

Would you believe that a house like this suits Deadmau5’s style, or did you imagine him in something more modern?

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