Features of High Park you MUST see this summer

The largest municipal park in Toronto, this beautiful area is over 400 acres and boasts a large number of fun activities to take advantage of in this beautiful weather. From sporting facilities and cultural areas to great playgrounds and a zoo, High Park is a fantastic location for anyone looking to get out of the house for a few hours. Here are some great reasons to check out this amazing Toronto landmark:

Grenadier Pond

On the western edge of the park, you’ll find a beautiful, placid pond that is great to relax in front of. If you ever need somewhere to get rid of all that built-up daily stress that you’ve accumulated throughout the day, this is a great place to do it. This unique location even has a few neat myths that accompany it – one, that some of the British Grenadiers fell through the ice, into the pond, during the War of 1812, and two, that it is impossible to find the bottom of the pond due to the mud. Regardless if these myths are true or not, the pond remains a great location for all kinds of activities, like fishing or rowing.

The Jamie Bell Adventure Park

Whether you’re interested in taking a child to have fun in the playground, or whether you’re interested in jumping around on the monkey bars yourself, this space is a really interesting and unique area that’s sure to please people of all ages. As one of the largest playgrounds in Ontario, this space is easily one of the best places to bring children in the city. The unique castle-like design of the space really brings out the creativity of the location and running up and down the area can make you feel young again!

High Park Zoo

Being open all year around, from 7am until dusk, this great space is fun for everyone and educational to boot. There are a variety of animals in the zoo, like bison, deer, llamas and peacocks, and they’re all extremely interesting to see. Besides, when is the last time you’ve been to the zoo? This space is great to bring a friend for a casual walk, or even possibly have a first tinder date with someone.

Toronto is filled with great spots to have fun during the summer, but it’s hard to beat all the different activities at High Park!

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