Feel famous in celebrity-designed clothes from these Toronto stores

Tons of celebs do so-called collaborations with clothing companies all the time. Usually, it just involves putting their name on the clothing and collecting a percentage of sales. Then again, some celebs get more involved and constitute the major force behind the clothing line.

Here are some celebrity clothing lines that are worth exploring and are available at Toronto shops.


Edun was co-founded by Bono, frontman of U2, in 2005. EDUN is committed to creating sustainable initiatives and partnerships with artists and artisans to encourage trade and production with Africa. The line is generally dictated by monochromatic tones, deconstructed tailoring and a mixture of textures. Their coats and dresses are wonderfully simplistic and completely wearable. Find this line at the Jonathan+Olivia boutique.


For those of us who want to support the most famous Torontonian’s contribution to the mainstream hip hop scene, you can go to the OVO store or shop online to get all of your owl insignia. One thing to note, Drake has not forgotten his roots: all the clothing is made in Canada. Also, check out the website: It features Drake in a pink hoodie, doing pretty much nothing except driving a Ferrari and some really weird shots of California scenery.

The Row

The Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are known as the leading duo of celebrity fashion. While they have, for the most part, appealed to the lower price-point market, they have a luxury line called the Row – and it’s beautiful. The Row represents the twins’ impeccable and seasoned understanding of style and fashion. Their line includes clothing, leather bags and eyewear. Find it at Holt Renfrew and at Neiman Marcus (they ship to Canada).

Victoria Beckham

Another queen of the celebrity fashion world, Victoria Beckham is a definitive fashion icon and has the most exquisite taste. Her designs are always wearable, feminine and classic. Her pre-spring/summer 2016 collection is stunning. Victoria Beckham designs are available at Holt Renfrew and at Neiman Marcus (they ship to Canada).

House of Harlow 1960

The House of Harlow 1960 is named after Nicole Richie’s daughter. Nicole Richie’s line is all-encompassing, from clothes, to jewelry, to candles and stationery. Her clothes are clearly resort-inspired with flowing silhouettes and bright colours. Her jewelry is fun, eclectic and definitely makes a statement. House of Harlow 1960 is available at the Bay.


Is there a woman more associated with shoes than Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw, aka the queen of Manolos)? Sarah Jessica Parker collaborated with Nordstrom and created her own line of shoes with classic silhouettes, tireless attention to detail, and made in Italy. Her favourite shoe is called ‘Carrie’ (no surprise). SJP shoes are available at Nordstrom (they ship to Canada). And don’t forget Nordstrom is opening in Eaton Centre this fall.

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